Meet the Angry Green Girl – A New Articulate and Angry Addition To the Green Movement

August 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm

(Source:  Green Car Advisor –

The treehuggers have a new reason to rejoice.  For the environmentally conscious, green movement there is a new addition to spread the green gospel – this time with a sassy/sexy twist.  Hello everyone, Meet the “Angry Green Girl” the new pro-environment angel (sans wings) who was recently captured marketing a carwash product. Now after watching the video below, do let me know if you regret not having a Prius or something green to drive around.   For the ladies, if you are an aspiring “green angel” or feel inspired after watching the video below you may want to get some tips from the AGG here on how to be green and sexy at the same time.

She is  not just”Angry,” who also goes by the name Sofia Pernas (an aspiring actress, in case you were wondering), is the face of anew social networking site built around a sassy, silly and somewhat sexy crew whose members demonstrate green products, provide grammar school-level explanations of concepts such as global warming and generally – with sarcasm, satire and, somewhere in there, a little bit of seriousness – urge people to get greener.

What drew our attention – it certainly wasn’t the bikinis! – was the AGG crew’s use, during a promo for the new site staged in Hollywood earlier this week, of a product we’ve tried, and liked.

A quintet of bikini-clad car-washers (in green bikinis, what else) used a waterless wash product called Lucky Earth to scrub hybrids and other green cars for free for a few hours – sufficient time to get them at least two segments on one of L.A.’s independent TV station’s news broadcasts.

(The videos also show those of you who don’t live here how incredibly inane some of our L.A. “newscasters” can be.)

Lucky Earth is the brainchild of an L.A. couple who developed it in response to their daughter’s sensitivity to chemicals.

Click here to continue reading the rest of the article.  Who are these insanely annoying (or annoyingly insane) TV news people?  Looks like they primarily operate under the assumption that a woman who is good looking can never be smart enough to use big words.   Their mockery of AGG’s use of words such as “exacerbate” and “ubiquitous” validates my fear that these boneheads stereotype people at every opportunity they get.  Maybe the women in their lives (mom, sisters, girlfriends, etc) were all beautiful but dumb, driving these idiots to arrive at a conclusion that a girl can only be beautiful and dumb or ugly but brainy.  The biggest bonehead in that crew is that lady who was laughing along when the mocking  voice made fun of “ubiqutious.” MORONS!