Mixing Volt & Water – A glimpse into the making of the GM’s (Government Motor) Chevy Volt

August 29, 2009 at 12:27 pm

(Source: via Autoinsane)

Have you ever wondered while sitting inside your car at an automated car wash, what goes on behind the scenes to test and design a vehicle so that it doesn’t leak while your car is drenched with gallons of water?  Or have you pondered driving through that pouring rain about how to stop that annoying sound of rain drops hitting the sheetmetal roof and the windshield? Here is a glimpse into that world of designing and testing a car for its “water worthiness”, courtesy of our friends at Auto Insane.

Development on the Chevy Volt continues to progress at neck-break speed and GM has been sharing bits and pieces of the vehicle’s testing and engineering along the way. This new video caught our interest for the sheer fact that it combines the “electric” Volt undergoing leak testing in GM’s Universal Water Chamber.

For more information and behind the scenes videos of the Chevy Volt, head over towww.ChevyVoltage.com.  Also you can visit ChevroletVehicles to see more such videos from the Chevy Line up (including a Transformer demo).