You think you can drive? Wait till you watch this one! Insanely Awesome Drifting Video Showcases Mad Driving Skills

September 29, 2009 at 10:51 am

The art of drifting has gone a long way these days from Ametuer exhibits on an open stretch to a serious motor sport involving mega bucks and powerful cars. The internet has a gazillion videos showing serious drifters & wanna be drifters showing off their driving skills (or the lack of it, in some cases) .  But here is one that will make your jaw drop.   The dude behind the wheel is in absolute control, while drifting along effortlessly around corners and performing some Hollywood-esque stunts (fireworks included).   Shot in a warehouse setting inside the Port of Los Angeles, the film’s professional editing coupled with racy camera angles and ridiculous slow-motion shots make it worthy of a view.   Buckle up for ride that may toss you off the edge of your seat (Hat tip to Sakthi for sharing this awesome video).