Event Alert: 16th International Road Federation (IRF) World Meeting: Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal | 25-28 May 2010

March 30, 2010 at 12:10 pm

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The 16th IRF World Meeting will be held in Lisbon from 25 to 28 May 2010, and will be attended by major international players from the road sector.   The aim of the 16th IRF World Meeting is to provide a forum for debates, discussions and proposals leading to tomorrow’s solutions.

The IRF 16th World Road Meeting will bring together top-level representatives of the road construction industries, the engineering companies, the road equipment companies, the concessionaires, the road authorities, the researchers and the interest groups. Their common aim will be sustainable mobility for the 21st century, a multi-faceted issue that will require innovative and elaborate solutions.

With this in mind, World Road Meeting delegates will hear about road safety issues, environmental concerns, financial challenges, educational offers, latest research and applications, and many more topics.

The IRF 16th World Road Meeting offers a unique platform for the Road Infrastructure Community to showcase their latest research and proposals in a friendly, peer group, result-oriented environment. It also offers good opportunities for technology transfer and business development. Road industry leaders from both the public and private sectors from around the world will be in Lisbon for this one-of-a-kind event.

Who should attend?

The 16th IRF World Road Meeting invites people from across the road infrastructure sector, may they come from construction companies, government agencies, funding bodies, research, concessionnaires, ITS and other road furbishing companies.

Exhibitor profile:
Road construction and maintenance, Road equipment, Horizontal and vertical road markings, Street furniture, Vehicle manufacturers, Tyre manufacturers, ITS Technology, Tolling Systems, Traffic Emergency systems, Road Safety material, Engineering companies, Consultancy & research, Education, Publications and any other related industry.

Visitor Profile:
IRF World Road Meeting’s delegates are coming from all over the world. Most visitors come from construction companies, government agencies, funding bodies, research, engineering forms, research institutes, concessionaires, ITS and other road furbishing companies. The visitors of the exhibition are at decision making level, highly qualified professionals from the road infrastructure and transport industries.

Note: Visitors must hold a valid passport; a visa may be required in some cases. For more information about visas, please consult the nearest Portuguese Embassy.

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