Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) American Airlines Pulls Fares from Orbitz

Link to AP article:

2) Airline Gate Agents Face Constant Countdown

Link to article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

3) High-Tech Ways to Pass the Time at the Airport

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4) Redflex Suing Tempe, Arizona to Get Bigger Cut of Traffic Tickets

Link to story and video on KTVK-TV:–112227104.html

5) In-Car Cameras to be Legal in California in 2011

Car owners will be allowed to install cameras to record accidents and aggressive driving along with other data.

Link to article on California Watch:


6) Portable GPS Devices Head in Wrong Direction as Sales Slip

Link to article in USA Today:


7) Texas Aid Network Connects Aid Groups with Transportation Providers

Link to article in the Commercial Carrier Journal:


8) Anti-Drunk Driving Ad in South Africa Too Shocking for Some

Link to article in the Cape Times:


9) States Prepare New Ways to Tackle Wintry Roads

Link to article in USA Today:

10) Asheville Highway Mural Cited in New North Carolina DOT Public Art Policy

Link to article in the Asheville Citizen-Times:

11) Azerbaijani Parliament Approves Convention on Road Signs and Signals to Match International Standards

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12) Auditors Question TSA’s Use of and Spending on Technology

Link to article in The Washington Post:


13) First Transit TV Makes Debut in Washington, DC

Link to article in The Washington Post:

14) Seattle Metro’s Acceptance of ‘Israeli War Crimes’ Bus Ad Draws Complaints

Link to article in The Seattle Times:

15) Innovative Ads Bring in Revenue for Caltrain

Link to article in Metro:

16) In the New York City Subway, Literary Placards Will Soon be Mere Echoes in the Memory

Link to article in The New York Times:


17) Gulf Cooperation Council Banks on ITS

Link to article in The Gulf Today:

18) Intelligent Transportation System Plan for Abu Dhabi

Link to article in the Gulf News:

19) ‘Invaluable’ New Zealand Traffic Service Launched

Link to story on 3 News:

Link to AA Traffic Roadwatch:


20) Toyota to Pay Record Fines for Disclosure Delay

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:

Link to news release from US DOT:

21) China Unicom, Geely Join Hands on 3G Intelligent Vehicles

Link to article on China Knowledge:

News Releases

1) FCC Takes First Step to Help Revolutionize 911 Services Through Sharing of Videos, Photos and Data

2) Intelligent Transport System to Improve Safety Over the Cardwell Range in Queensland

3) New York MTA Installs Countdown Clocks and Next Train Announcements in 100 Stations


–  Call for Papers – 2011 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

Upcoming Events

Webinar: The Emergence of Open Electronic Payment Systems in Public Transit – January 18

Today in Transportation History

1620 **390th anniversary** A landing party from the Mayflower went ashore in present day Plymouth, Massachusetts.


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