NBA Cares, Really! 7-time all star Alanzo Mourning Stops Traffic to Help a Disabled Citizen

March 25, 2011 at 6:48 pm

(Source: Orlando Sentinel via Yahoo News)

True to its tag line, NBA Cares, the residents of Miami got a chance to witness one of NBA’s best in action.  Seven time all star, Alanzo Mourning jumped out of his SUV to assist a citizen on wheelchair cross a busy highway in Miami, FL. Read up:

Mourning’s vehicle had been sitting in traffic on the right lane, when he spotted a disabled person sitting in a motorized wheelchair along the curb. Mourning jumped out of his SUV, stood in the road and stopped traffic by raising his long arms, while the wheelchair-bound pedestrian made it to the median. Then, the seven-time NBA All-Star immediately went to the southbound lanes and raised his arms to command stunned drivers to stop. All traffic movement instantly stopped, and the wheelchair safely made it to the other side.

After making sure the citizen was safe on the other side of the road, Mourning lowered his arms and headed to his SUV to the sound of cheering fans, who recognized the 6-foot-10 temporary crossing guard.

What a really caring gentleman and a wonderful citizen!  NBA ought to have more such example-setting characters who are so genuine! Way to go, Zo!