President Obama Says Children Are Our Future; TSA Thinks Otherwise – 6yr old gets TSA love at the airport security check point

April 12, 2011 at 4:46 pm

(Source: You Tube via reddit)

Our President tries his best to assure the nation that the future for our children is bright.. But if you ask anyone who looks at this video(s) above, the would disagree with the president;  they would even go to the extent of saying such a future for our children is more steeped in a culture of fear and suspicion.. The six year old seen in this video would grow up to ask why did I endure this shameful treatment.  Where was the application of common sense n all this?

As much as I pity the TSA workers, at some point in time the protocols they follow, such as these are only going to make them look more and more idiotic.. If you ask, they would tell you that they’d rather not do these checks but are required to carry out what is prescribed in their manuals.  It is always this one size fits all treatment meted out to everyone that makes TSA more like a “machine” rather than an agency that cares for the safety of human.  Someone please tell Sec. Janet Napalitano that her agency needs an image makeover and it is needed NOW!