Cartooning the Pay Day in Washington, DC! Chrysler Repays Bailout Debt

May 25, 2011 at 12:08 pm

(Source: Detroit Free Press)

Mike Thompson of Detroit Free Press ( has nicely captured the sentiments of the American public (at least, the sensible ones) about Chrysler repaying the $5.9 billion bailout money.  God knows how much bickering will happen when the political leadership decides to spend it on other programs.

Image courtesy: - Mike Thompson: Taxpayers get their money back from Chrysler

Note: For what it is worth, I’d also add this: It is nice to see the taxpayer $$ safely return to the government’s coffers, unlike what happened with some of the Wall Street beneficiaries.  This timely intervention from the U.S. Government not only prevented an American icon from vanishing without a trace, but it also saved thousands of jobs in a city that is already reeling from some really bad economic decisions.