Fighting Lawlessness, the Lawless Way – Walmart Shopper Chases After Thieves, Jumps On Their Car

June 22, 2011 at 10:20 pm

(Source: Good Morning America via Huffington Post)

As crazy as this looks, it also makes you think how fed-up this Walmart customer should have been to take a drastic action like this?  Meet Ms. Monique Lawless, a single mom from Alvin, Texas, who bolted out a Walmart store to stop a bunch of teeny thieves and jumped on top of the feeling criminals’ Camaro, according to ABC. As they began to drive away, she desperately tried to hold onto the car before losing her grip.  Though she was not hurt, this spurt of bravery apparently slowed down the escapees, enough to help the cops to catch up with the thieves.

Note: Next time when something like this happens, let’s hope Ms. Lawless does not risk her precious life to stop a bunch of cowardly thugs. Save it for something more precious, madam.   Let the long arm of law and the police, who are equipped with every weapon in the arsenal, handle such things. In any case, a tip of the hat for her selflessness and valor that is quite inspiring for many ordinary citizens like myself.