Google Maps Feature, Transit Navigation (Beta), Lets You Know When To Get Off the Bus/Train (as long as you are not underground)

July 6, 2011 at 7:10 pm

(Source: Youtube via Jalopnik)

Google Maps 5.7  is now available with a deeper public transit navigation for users in nearly 400 cities around the globe. As shown in the above video, using your location along the route, the Transit Navigation feature on Google Maps will alert you when its time to get off at your destination or to make a transfer. Transit Navigation (Beta) requires a phone with Android 2.1+ (too bad, Apple users are missing out here) and the latest update of Google Maps for mobile. Oh, the only caveat is that the system works only for above-ground transit systems where the GPS signals can be reached.  And for those with plenty of time to spare, here is a hands-on review of the new feature, courtesy of Engadget. I can already surmise this is a god’s gift (or Google’s) for the international travelers.