Are Britain’s Public Transit Systems Fast Becoming Social/Cultural Flash Points For Racists?

November 28, 2011 at 5:36 pm

(Source: Reddit & Guardian)

The following two videos surfaced on the web, showcasing two  of the finest ladies Britain has to offer, both profusely spewing racist garbage material out of their mouths.  I wonder what makes these people lose their minds when they hear someone talk a different language in a bus/train.

In the first video (via Reddit), you will see this loud mouth passenger sipping a cuppa get confrontational with fellow passengers because someone around her was not speaking in English.  Glad to see a fellow Brit step in and check her attitude and put this racist rider in place. What this racist did not realize is that in this day and age she is not going to get away spewing such hatred in public.  Now her actions/words earned her a seat in the hall of shame and will continue to live in the eternity of the digital archives . I will not be surprised if this video will have lasting consequences for her career when more people get to see her behavior.

The 2nd one shown below (via Guardian) is much like the one above but with a few interesting twists.  Here we see a woman caught on camera spewing racist stuff and arguing with fellow passengers who are objecting to her language/behavior.  What’s crazy is the fact that the woman was engaged in hate-filled tirade, fighting with fellow passengers while holding a cute, young toddler (her son, I presume) in her lap.  Too bad, the kid is going to grow up exposed to this type of parenting everyday. Shortly after this nasty exchange was posted on the Web, the British Transport police arrested her for suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

Apart from all the politics involved,  it makes me happy to know that not all Britons, White or Brown or Black, are going to put up with such loud-mouthed nut cases spewing racism on their buses and trains.  Proud to see the reactions of many of the fellow passengers in both these instances and kudos to the British police for taking swift action.   It is also heartening to see the overwhelming amount of protest voiced against these haters on the internet (suggest scanning the comments under both these videos on YouTube) though many of them are predictably profane in nature.  In this day and age, it does not take much to get on the infamous side of the Internet when you go talking nonsense in the public.   Thanks to the world of smart phones and social media, we will get to watch such racist clowns embarrassing themselves in public.