Shame on us! Gut Wrenching Story on CBS 60 Minutes Portrays Hard Lives of Families Living in Cars

November 30, 2011 at 11:40 pm

(Source: CBS 60 Minutes)

Came across this below story that aired on CBS this past Sunday (Nov 27) and felt compelled to share it with my readers.

Click here to read the entire story.

Editor’s Note: Shame on us, as a society, for letting these Americans and their kids live this way.  After watching this gut wrenching video, no amount of explanation is going to convince an American with a conscience. What did these poor kids do to deserve this way of life? Maybe their parents did not make the best of choices or handle their finances smartly but that does not justify such a punishing life. It is UNAMERICAN and we cannot raise our next generation this way. While our political system in Washington is grinding itself into a shameless existence, we are once again left to fend for ourselves.  I sincerely hope this documentary kicks off a national dialogue where we work together a nation towards solving this huge mess. SHAME ON US!  A note of thanks to CBS 60 Minutes producers for bringing this compelling story to the nation’s attention. Kudos to the 60 minutes team for the great commentary (an incredible social service in its own merit).