Job Alert: Division Chief, Air Navigation and Surveillance (RVT-71) – USDOT’s Volpe Center @ Cambridge, MA

November 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm

The Research and Innovative Technology Administration seeks a senior Engineer or Operations Research Analyst to serve as the Division Chief of the Air Navigation and Surveillance Division (RVT-71) of the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center).  Located in Kendall Square area in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Volpe Center plays a unique role in looking across the transportation enterprise by applying its multi-disciplinary capabilities to anticipate future transportation issues and challenges across all modes of transportation.
As Chief of the Air Navigation and Surveillance Division, you will be responsible for developing, planning, and overseeing the performance of all the work of the Division’s portfolio of projects, and supervision Division staff.  The Air Navigation and Surveillance Division is responsible for advancement of systems and procedures to improve the safety, security, and effectiveness of navigation and surveillance systems for traffic management.  The Division performs analyses and conducts tests to determine technical feasibility, operational applicability, and cost effectiveness of improved and new sensors and systems; applies new technologies, develops and assesses their impact on programs for upgrading the safety and capacity of existing aviation and other transportation systems; and conducts development and evaluation of new vehicle systems.  Division staff have expertise in a variety of technical areas, including navigation and surveillance system electronics installed on the ground, in vehicles and in space; radiowave propagation; advanced computing and signal processing; systems architecture, operations and management; and stakeholder outreach and education.
In this role, you will develop the Division’s portfolio of work, and ensure the expansion of the Division work to meet high priority transportation needs; manage programs and projects in accordance with Volpe Center policies and procedures and best industry practices; and, establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers, industry experts, management, peers, employees, contractors, and other public/private sector interest groups and stakeholders.
To succeed, you must have experience developing, administering, managing, and/or leading the development of communication, navigation, and surveillance aviation systems and operational procedures to improve the capacity, safety and security of civil air traffic operations. You must also have experience managing resources and leading multi-disciplinary technical team(s). You must possess strong management, planning, and communication skills, and be able to work as part of a collaborative management team.  This announcement is being announced as an inter-disciplinary position – Supervisory General Engineer/Operations Research Analyst GS-0801-1515 – so, applicants with either educational background may be considered. Travel is required.
The announcement is posted to the Public and to Merit Promotion eligible applicants on  Please know that Merit Promotion announcements are the vehicle through which Federal employees generally apply for Federal positions.
Application deadline:  Monday, December 5, 2011
Public Announcement:   Division Chief RVT-71 (Public) – RITA.VOLPE-2012-0012
Merit Promotion Announcement:   Division Chief RVT-71 (Merit Promotion) – RITA.VOLPE-2012-0011
Informational briefing: Wednesday, November 23, 12:30 -1 p.m., Volpe Center, Cambridge, MA (Volpe Conference Room 1-6-25; conference call no. 1-877-336-1839/access code 6481986).  Mike Geyer, Acting Center of Innovation Director for Air Traffic Systems and Operations will describe the job and answer any questions employees may have.  Elizabeth León from Human Resources will answer questions about the application process.
If you or someone you know has the experience and proven results, I encourage you or them to apply.  We are looking for a diverse pool of qualified candidates.  Please contact Elizabeth León at  or 617-494-2214 if you have any questions.