F**k This Racket – Washington, D.C. issues more than 350 parking tickets an hour – @TBD On Foot

December 29, 2011 at 4:02 pm

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Good grief.. This beats the Red-Light enforcement racket.   If you drive in the District, AAA Mid-Atlantic has some numbers that will crush your holiday spirits.   • In the fiscal year of 2011, D.C. gave out 1.6 million parking tickets … an average of 126,720 a month, 31,680 a week, 5,280 a day, 352 an hour, and nearly six per minute. Jesus. This is far higher than what was granted in the previous year: 1.54 million tickets. • Since the fiscal year of 2012 began in September, D.C. has given out 315,000 tickets for the first quarter. • AAA predicts that the city will receive more than $80 million for all the tickets given in the fiscal year of 2011, higher than ever before. • Parking violations are legion and include distance from the curb to parking in a crosswalk to parking in an emergency route. With close to 17,200 parking meters, the District is ready to hit you with its fines. • Parking enforcement personnel are busy, according to AAA: “The average fleet-footed, eagle-eyed parking officer issu[es] around 26.5 parking tickets each day.”
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