Event Alert: FREE Live Webinar – Full Situational Awareness: A Must for Informed Decision Making

December 1, 2011 at 1:41 pm
Thinking Highways and Activu would like to invite you to register for a live, free, TMC webinar on Wednesday, December 14th, entitled Full Situational Awareness – A Must For Informed Decision Making.

Three-car accident on Highway 123; major congestion on Route 11 exits 3-10 North Bound because of construction; 2 feet of snow expected over the weekend; 10 inches of rain coming our way…If these are the issues you deal with it on a daily basis, then needless to say, being able to prepare and react to these situations is paramount. In order to make the most informed decisions you need to access crucial real-time information that affects operational decisions, i.e. Optimal Situational Awareness.

Join us on Wednesday, December 14th at 
1pm Eastern Time (US) and find out first-hand how Baltimore TMC, one of the nation’s most sophisticated traffic management centers, solved an important part of their situational awareness requirements and reduced their response times for dealing with known and unknown events.

TJ Bathras, Manager of Baltimore TMC and Jason Jaworski, National Solutions Manager at Activu, will discuss the importance of “intelligent visualization” of information that drives optimal situational awareness and how to make the most informed decision at all times.

What Will You Learn?

• What steps did Baltimore TMC take to address their requirements and increase their TMC readiness?
• What results have they seen since implementing this solution?
• What is “Intelligent Visualization” and how does it work?
• How it can help you collaborate with others agencies?
• How you can achieve full situational awareness and make better informed decisions?

We look forward to welcoming you on the 14th!



About Your Speakers

TJ Bathras, TMC manager at Baltimore City Department of Transportation, Traffic Division, is responsible for supervising daily traffic signal operations, point control and the monitoring of traffic through CCTV cameras in their Control Room.

Jason Jaworski
 is National Solutions Manager at Activu. He has assisted in the design and implementation of visualization solutions for some of the nation’s most critical command centers, transforming organizational methods and procedures.

Thinking Highways’ 
editor-in-chief, Kevin Borras, will be your host for this hour-long program