Frugality or E’galité? French President Nicolas Sarkozy Rides a Suburban Train

December 6, 2011 at 12:38 am

(Source: AFP/Getty Images via The Daily Beast)

Just an awesome photo of French President Nicolas Sarkozy riding a suburban train. That’s all. Photo reportedly taken after his visit to the New Technology and Industry Centre.

Riding with Sarkozy

Image Courtesy: AFP/Getty Images via The Daily Beast

The first thought that came into my mind : “Is he trying to show the way for rest of Europe that riding a subway is far cheaper than traveling in a huge convoy of cars?” The next thought: “Is it his election time stunt to show the voters that he is just like them, riding the rails to get around?”  Whatever it is, I’m a big fan of such simple things that go a long way in making personalities like Sarkozy look just like the rest of us.  It is more Presidential to ride a subway than in a crazy convoy of cars.

That said, I wonder if the Secret Service would ever allow the U.S. President to ride a transit system, let alone Washington’s WMATA during his time in Washington.  It will be nice to see Pres. Obama rubbing shoulders with daily commuters on the Red Line in DC one of these days. Maybe that will convince the POTUS that our nation’s transit systems are falling apart and they do need some additional funding to serve the citizens who ride them everyday.  That would be one good way to relate to the plight of commoners and no better way to make a statement to the voting public that you are indeed serious about cutting costs.  Are you up for it Mr. President?  Oh wait, his doesn’t really have a commute . It is just walking a flight of stairs down from his home to the Oval office in the White House and it definitely does not require a train.