New York Subway Never Looked This Sexy! “Zilla Marching” Bonebreakers Make NYC Subway Look Post-Apocalyptic

January 15, 2012 at 11:16 pm

(Source: YouTube)

Time and time again have we seen a lot of cool stuff happen in NYC subway.  And this video below only adds to the already superchill NYC and takes the awesomeness up one notch. A bunch of super-skilled dancers wearing gas masks and dancing in the subway stations and in the trains is nothing sort of mesmerizing and sorta transformed the subway into a post-apocalyptic backdrop.. Take a look..

Social Media go to site,, ranked this as one of the 6 mind blowing dance videos on YouTube, and offered some insights into dance: “Bonebreaking” is an integrated dance style incorporating tutting, elements of krumping, popping and turfing. Dancers’ movements completely blur the limits of flexibility. The costumes and dramatic NYC subway station backdrops work nicely to enhance the dancing style. The outdoor platform and dripping water effects are haunting and, combined with the gas masks, we’re definitely feeling the post-apocalyptic vibe.”