Canadian Distracted Driving Enforcement – Hello. If You Are On Your Cell Phone Right Now, You Are About To Get A Ticket

March 20, 2012 at 3:51 pm

(Source: via Reddit)

Interesting to know how Chilliwack, Canada enforces its no-cell-phone-use-behind the wheels law.  True story! Redditor mlane201 shared this picture and reading through the comments he shared, I came to know how it is done – Constable Martell will be on the watch holding this sign by a roadside, looking for drivers using their cellphones while operating the vehicle.  Once Constable Martell spots an offender, he will radio in his colleagues who are sitting a little father up the road and they will comfortably pull over the offending driver and issue the tickets. Pretty nifty strategy there, right?

Image Courtesy: via Reddit