A warrior’s final journey – NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight Over Nation’s Capitol; Leaves Behind A Lot of Inspired People and A Beautiful Legacy

April 17, 2012 at 5:35 pm

(via National Geographic)

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c48ag_Mnz7M’]

After decades of tireless hardwork and 39 trips, a national icon – NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery – made its final journey to its resting place in Washington, DC region today.  The shuttle will be permanently retired at the Smithsonian Udvar Hazy Center near Dulles, VA. NASA coordinated with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to navigate through the restricted air space over Washington, D.C. I got a chance to see the shuttle fly-by as it floated majestically perched atop a NASA jet. It was a bitter sweet moment watching it fly-by for not just me but for the entire nation that grew up watching the marvelous machines soar into the space.  Not only did the shuttles ferry supplies to the space station but along the way they inspired a generation of innovators and encouraged many of us to dream big.

Image Courtesy: Washington Post (Photo by Linda Davidson)

On this momentous occasion, the shuttle in one single fly-by also accomplished what usually takes a government billions of dollars and decades of hard work . It left people inspired at what is possible if we put our heads together and encouraged everyone to dream big.  The pic. above, taken by Linda Davidson (courtesy of Washington Post) shows the excitement on the faces of a few from the next generation of dreamers.  Look at the inspiration on the faces of these children as they react to the shuttle Discovery fly-by. Priceless!