Call for nominations: White House Champions of Change — Transportation Innovators

June 27, 2012 at 4:07 pm

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the White House Office of Public Engagement will host a White House Champions of Change featuring Transportation Innovators on July 31. Transportation Innovators are individuals or organizations who have provided exemplary leadership in the growth and expansion of the transportation industry at the local, state or regional level.

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The White House Champions of Change program highlights the stories and examples of citizens across the country who are “Building an America to Last” with projects and initiatives that move their communities forward. Each week, the White House Office of Public Engagement hosts an event to honor those who are working to empower and inspire other members of their communities. A Transportation Innovation Champion’s work may entail:

  • Leading the implementation of viable transportation initiatives that promote and facilitate economic growth and job creation
  • Developing a comprehensive and holistic approach to livability to ensure that communities have access to a range of transportation options that are in proximity to housing and other community services
  • Building intermodal connectivity that reduces congestion and increases efficiencies
  • Developing and/or implementing transportation safety technologies or innovative transportation safety programs
  • Pioneering mobility management strategies for moving people and/or goods
  • Developing or implementing state of the art technologies that are critical to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of transportation systems and services
  • Integrating strategies to eliminate significant barriers to ensure that transportation services and systems are accessible for all Americans
  • Establishing innovative strategies for addressing the unique transportation needs for individuals and families in rural America
  • Implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation systems and services
  • Demonstrating effective strategies for strengthening the transportation career pathway

Please submit nominations using the attached form no later than July 3, 2012 Note: You can also submit a nomination in a text document, but all of the questions and information requested in the attached nomination form must be included in your submission.

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