Infograph: Take Public Transport; Make Life Simple and Green

June 26, 2012 at 1:48 pm

(Source: Credit Donkey)

Key messages in this infograph:

  • When you take public transportation, you are more likely to run other errands on your route, saving you time and money from additional trips with the car.
  •     Public transportation creates less congestion, saving money and the environment with shorter, less expensive trips for everyone.
  •     When used regularly, public transportation can reduce the need for some to have a second car (or a car at all). Imagine less debt, fewer car payments, less emissions, and less money spend on repairs and gas.
  •     Many transit agencies are now replacing old buses with hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell buses. This making public transit even greener, especially when connected to renewable sources such as solar.
Infographics: Public Transportation © CreditDonkey

Image Courtesy: Credit Donkey