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Nature of Position:

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The successful candidate will assist senior AASHTO engineering staff in the work it provides for the Board of Directors (i.e., the Secretaries of Transportation from the State DOTs), the Standing Committee on Highways (i.e., the Chief Engineers), and its subcommittees, which include design, construction, bridges, traffic engineering, operations, maintenance, materials, and others. The following are some of the potential activities of the successful candidate:

• assisting in the development and update of AASHTO’s technical standards, such as the Green Book, Roadside Design Guide, and Bicycle Guide;

• assisting in organizing national meetings and conferences by providing assistance to AASHTO committee officers;

• participating in AASHTO committee meetings around the country;

• assisting in the development of national policy on transportation operations and project delivery; and

• providing other assistance as required.

The incumbent may also work with a variety of technical committees in the production of engineering and operations-related professional publications, and will respond to technical inquiries on AASHTO publications and policies.

Education: A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering is required.

Skill Requirement: A broad understanding of the technical aspects of one or more aspects of transportation engineering and a sound comprehension of the administrative, legislative, and regulatory process at the federal and state levels. Excellent written and oral communication skills are also desired. The incumbent must be able to travel.

Relevant Experience: Approximately 8 to 15 years of professional experience in transportation is required, preferably in a State DOT. It is desirable that some of the previous experience be at a policy planning or management level in a state, local, or federal transportation agency.

Relationships: The incumbent will have contact with AASHTO committee members through meeting attendance, correspondence, and telephone contacts and will assist other AASHTO staff members as required by the Program Director.

Position Responsibilities: The incumbent will provide input as requested relative to association policy formulation. From a technical perspective, the incumbent is expected to work with the various AASHTO technical committees on standards, training, and research. This individual may be called on to participate in various planning efforts, and is responsible for developing certain elements of the association’s annual and spring conferences. Depending on the specific duties assigned, the individual may be expected to assist with publication activities.

The incumbent will be expected to draft, write, or edit transportation policy statements or resolutions related to assigned duties, or other areas of interest to the association. However, such positions may not be established without approval by higher authorities.

Since this is a competitive position among interested state departments of transportation, recruitment time is unknown, but is estimated to be three months from the date of advertisement.

Expenses: The position will include a monthly living stipend reimbursable to a maximum of $2,200 per month, plus a public transit subsidy of up to $120 per month. AASHTO will pay a one-time round-trip transportation ticket to/from Washington, DC. Appropriate business expenses related to AASHTO work and travel assignments will be reimbursed.

Competition: A panel of AASHTO managers and engineering staff will evaluate applicants. Send resume and letter of endorsement from State DOT director to AASHTO, Attention: Human Resource Manager, 444 N. Capitol Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. Resumes and letters of endorsement may also be submitted by e-mail to or by fax to 202-624-8471. EOE/M/F/D.

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