Caught Red-Handed! TSA Agent Gets Caught With Stolen iPad

September 27, 2012 at 5:14 pm

(via ABC News on YouTube)

You can steal but you can’t hide! Stupid thieves never realize that these days they can be easily tracked down after stealing a digital device. That’s exactly what happened in this case. ABC NEws did an investigation into this allegation that TSA staff are swindling gadgets and other valuables at 10 airports and found out that 9 out of time times their valuables (incl. money and iPads) made it back.  Except at that one airport – Orlando, FL. Too bad the crooked staffer who stole the iPad didn’t realize that he was caught handling it on the surveillance system at the airport.  To make it worse, ABC staff turned on the “Find my iPad” app that does exactly that – homes in on an iPad device – and ended at the front door of this TSA employee’s house.  Too bad for him! His face after getting caught is one that he will never want to see ever in his life!

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Note: It is worth adding this bit – TSA says 381 of its officers have been let go for alleged thefts.  For more on this story, click here.

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