You thought texting while driving is bad? Think again. German police catch a driver running a mobile office in his car.

November 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm

You thought texting while driving was bad? How about running a suite of machines like an office while on the move?  Here is one such case where it blows everything we preach about driver distraction.  Police stopped this above Ford Modeo in Saarland, Germany, for speeding and when they peeped in this is what they saw in the passenger seat – a laptop with docking station, a router and wi-fi antenna tied to a cellular data stick, a printer and a power inverter to keep it all humming.  For what it is worth, the German police  did not issue any citations for the Mondeo driver for any violations . Maybe because he had  his cellphone mounted to the windshield for hands-free use.  yes. That’s right.  He  at least had the sense to leave his cellphone mounted on the dashboard.  (via Motoramic – Yahoo! Autos)

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