Job Alert: Unit Head, Transport Safety Unit – International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) @ Vienna, Austria

February 20, 2013 at 5:24 pm
English: Flag of the International Atomic Ener...

English: Flag of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organization of the United Nations Deutsch: Flagge der Internationalen Atomenergieorganisation (IAEO), eine Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a team leader reporting to the Section Head, the Unit Head develops the IAEA‘s programme on the safe transport of radioactive material and leads the Unit’s activities to ensure the efficacy of the IAEA’s programme on a global level.

The Unit Head has several roles:

  1. a programme coordinator in a specialized, multilateral environment with diverse views on the issues, finding practical solutions and presenting arguments that can achieve results;
  2. a senior specialist whose extensive experience in and knowledge of the area form the basis for mutual respect vis-à-vis high-level regulators and operators in Member States,
  3. a manager ensuring that programmes and tasks are implemented effectively;
  4. an adviser/promoter conveying to multiple audiences the IAEA’s vision and mission in this area; and
  5. a facilitator of inter-organizational cooperation in transport safety and cooperation with other organizational areas in the IAEA dealing with this area of work.

The Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety develops and maintains standards for radiation protection, radioactive waste safety and safety in the transport of radioactive material that enable the beneficial uses of radiation to be exploited while ensuring appropriate protection of workers, the public and patients. It also assists Member States in the implementation of these standards and provides related appraisals and services.

The Regulatory Infrastructure and Transport Safety Section (RITS) is responsible for developing and providing Member States with safety standards, guidance and tools to foster regulatory infrastructure for the control of radiation sources, for the safe transport of radioactive material, and for managing information on the identification of needs in Member States that would be used to improve radiation, transport and waste safety.

The Transport Safety Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining safety standards related to the worldwide safe transport of radioactive material, including the IAEA’s Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, and to appraise the application of the safety standards in Member States. This includes efforts to foster the harmonized incorporation of the Transport Regulations and other associated safety standards by international organizations, and dangerous goods and modal organizations. In addition, the Unit manages projects concerned with key aspects of the Transport Regulations, provides training related to the safe transport of radioactive material, and operates and maintains databases relating to transport issues. The Unit convenes meetings to guide its activities, involving experts from Member States and associated international organizations, including the periodic convening of the Transport Safety Standards Committee (TRANSSC). It is also involved in the provision of technical cooperation for Member States, including training activities.

The environment of the Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety is dynamic, participative and interactive with continuous inputs received from internal technical counterparts and external counterparts in Member States, from other international organizations and from the international scientific community.

Click here to learn more.

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Job Alert: Transportation Planner II – Prince William County, Virginia

February 19, 2013 at 4:23 pm


Prince William Co. LogoThe Department of Transportation is seeking a talented and exemplary professional to join a dynamic work group. The selected individual will need to have exceptional communication skills, be able to provide excellent customer service, and have solid technical and analytical skills. This position will review complex development applications for compliance with County policies and regulations; formulate and communicate transportation recommendations to the staff, appointed and elected officials; scope and review Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA); attend and represent the Department at Planning Commission, Board of County Supervisors, and other transportation related meetings; provide planning and technical solutions to complex problems or situations; work with other County agencies and community groups to achieve County and Departmental vision and goals. The successful candidate will need to be enthusiastic, organized, creative, team-oriented, and have a positive can-do attitude. This position will perform under the direct supervision of the Transportation Planning Manager.
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Job Alert: Senior Program Officer (Preservation and Maintenance) – Transportation Research Board @ Washington, DC

February 19, 2013 at 11:04 am

TRB Logo

TRB’s Technical Activities Division has an opening for a Senior Program Officer (SPO) to work in the areas of preservation and maintenance of transportation facilities, with an emphasis on highways. Specifically, the SPO will work in the areas of management, personnel, equipment, and materials for preservation and maintenance; preservation and maintenance of structures, bridges, pavements, roadsides, and signs/markings; corrosion; work zone traffic control; and winter maintenance.

Responsibilities include keeping abreast of issues and technical developments affecting the preservation and maintenance areas, providing staff support to TRB standing committees and the Operations and Preservation Group Executive Board; planning and delivering sessions and events for the TRB Annual Meeting program; planning and managing conferences; reviewing and processing reports and papers; traveling to state, local, and federal transportation departments, transportation-related industries, and universities to exchange information about problems and potential solutions and about current and proposed research programs; maintaining ongoing relationships with major TRB sponsors (including the state Departments of Transportation); developing new program areas; serving as liaison to TRB Cooperative Research Programs; responding to inquiries; and performing other related duties as assigned. Supervises work of support and other program staff associated with the projects.

A listing of minimum requirements, full job duties, and application information are available on the National Academies’ Office of Human Resources webpage.

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Job Alert: Graduate Internship – Northeast Corridor Commission @ DC, NYC, Philly

February 19, 2013 at 10:34 am

Submission Deadline: Friday, February 22, 2013 at 5pm.

Graduate Internship Opportunity

Northeast Corridor CommissionThe Northeast Corridor Commission seeks a graduate student to support all aspects of the Commission’s work. Working closely with a small team of highly motivated transportation professionals, the intern will have the opportunity to shape project work in coordination with Commission staff. The Commission is currently developing key reports on the current and future value of the NEC, while participating in the major short- and long-term planning efforts that will guide the development of the NEC. The intern will be responsible for policy research, transportation planning and analysis, report preparation, website content development, assistance with day-to-day office management and administration, and other tasks as assigned. Successful candidates will demonstrate a willingness to undertake unfamiliar initiatives and strong enthusiasm for the Commission’s work.

The Commission maintains a full-time staff in Washington, DC. The Commission is accepting intern applications from current graduate students in the Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York metropolitan areas. This paid internship includes term-time work in spring 2013, with the possibility of extending into summer 2013.


Candidates should be pursuing a masters degree in public policy, urban and regional planning, transportation, business, or a related field. Candidates should have:

• Experience collecting, evaluating, and interpreting quantitative data;

• Excellent skills in written, verbal and graphic communication of quantitative and qualitative information, including the ability to clearly express technical concepts to wide audiences;

• Strong computer skills in data analysis, word processing, and graphic design – experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, data visualizations, and/or geographic information systems (GIS) is preferred; and

• An ability to build relationships with all levels of an organization, work in a fast-paced office environment with tight deadlines, and stay organized and detailed-oriented while working on a wide range of tasks.

Application Instructions

Interested candidates should email a cover letter, a resume, and a one-page writing sample to: Jeremy Steinemann, Transportation Analyst, . Successful writing samples should emphasize strong writing skills and the ability to communicate technical concepts to broad audiences. Writing samples may pertain to transportation, city planning, public policy, or related issues, but need not demonstrate proficiency in a particular content area. Submission Deadline: Friday, February 22, 2013 at 5pm.

 The Northeast Corridor (NEC) Commission

Congress created the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Operations Advisory Commission (NEC Commission) in recognition of the inherent challenges of coordinating, financing, and implementing major improvements that cross multiple jurisdictions. The Commission’s goals are to lead the creation and implementation of a visionary, long-term, regional investment strategy for the Northeast Corridor; advance near-term projects; coordinate regional planning and communication; and educate stakeholders and the public about the Northeast Corridor’s investment needs and its role in the future economic growth and development of the region.

The NEC Commission is comprised of representatives from each of the NEC states, Amtrak, and the U.S. DOT, with non-voting representatives from freight railroads and states with connecting corridors. For more information about the Commission, visit

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Job(s) Alert: Two Job Opportunities – Transportation Management Specialists @ DC Department of Transportation

February 15, 2013 at 11:24 pm
English: District of Columbia Department of Tr...

District of Columbia Department of Transportation (d-dot) logo on a D.C. Circulator bus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(via YIPPS)
DDOT has two jobs open in the Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration. Both are open until 3/8 with a first read date of 3/1 and neither is an entry-level position.
  • posting 20676 (link) is for the Strategic Planning Branch and will be the Southern Area planner, including Ward 8 and parts of Ward 7, the Southwest Waterfront and Navy Yard areas. This is an exciting area of the District, with a lot of challenges in the years ahead. DDOT is looking for a motivated planner who can successfully engage with the community on multi-modal planning projects.
  • posting 21749 (link) is for the Project Review Branch, and DDOT is looking for a technically-minded planner who understands traffic analysis, has experience with NEPA, and ideally some modeling.
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Infograph: A tough balancing act? – Tax Loopholes for Corporate Jets or Investments in Jobs and Education

February 14, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Source: Center for American Progress

Amidst all the exhaustive and bitter political battles that rage day after day over the weak fiscal health of the nation, there are so many little things that slip away from the attention of tax paying public. And here is one such that I happened upon via twitter.

Guess what?

Just by eliminating a tax loophole that gives special treatment to corporate jets, for example—at a cost to taxpayers of $3.2 billion over 10 years – Congress could avert cuts that would cost thousands of jobs, hurt millions of disadvantaged students, and force hundreds of thousands of vulnerable families to lose critical nutrition and housing supports this year.

Tax loopholes for corporate jets

Information nuggets such as this make me wonder why our Politicians find it so difficult to act to avert painful cuts (in $$ that eventually affect middle and lower-income families) by taking a more balanced approach to deficit reduction.  Corporations are people too?  Not really (but the highest court in this land says otherwise). As CAP notes, “Unless Congress acts, on March 1 automatic and indiscriminate spending cuts will hit key programs, costing our economy more than 1 million jobs and cutting essential services for millions of low- and middle-income families.” That leaves me with this question: Will the politicians be rational for a change and do the right thing for the country? Or, will they continue to squabble and be addicted to doing their habitual partisan battles?  Time will tell. Sigh!

Infograph: The Evolution of Motorcycle Fashion (from 1860)

February 14, 2013 at 1:26 pm

This one is for the gearheads and motorcycle (apparel) historians..

The Evolution of Motorcycle Fashion

Infographic by Bennetts

Job(s) Alert – Two Positions in Travel Demand Management – WELLS + ASSOCIATES

February 12, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Wells + Associates Logo

TDM Specialist

Position Description
The primary function of the TDM Specialist is to serve as an advocate for alternative transportation options. The Specialist also acts as a liaison among a variety of agencies working cooperatively to promote TDM and alternative commute options. The TDM Specialist will advocate for policy directions that support alternative modes of transportation and TDM strategies while also coordinating with various agencies in the development of related programs. Additionally, the position will review development proposals and work with clients to develop and implement programs to promote alternative transportation modes, improve air quality, and reduce automobile trips. The position also entails monitoring results, verifying plan compliance, and researching other successful programs.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Conduct highly technical transportation analyses to form basis for future recommendations.
2. Develop scopes of work and contractual documents, as project manager, and assume responsibility for managing consulting services to address long and short term regional travel issues.
3. Supervise data collection efforts and record data in a concise and functional format, and review completed data prior to dissemination.
4. Serve as spokesperson for our clients at meetings, special and media events.

5. Organize, attend, and/or participate in special events and promotions advocating transportation alternatives.
6. Establish and maintain effective relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, employers, and other parties to develop transportation programs and resolve other transportation issues.
7. Implement annual communication plans that include promotional and educational strategies.
8. Supervise the efforts of lower level staff members.
9. Perform responsible professional and administrative related duties as required.

Education and/or Experience Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Transportation, Engineering, Geography, Planning, Economics or a relevant social science.   Previous experience working in commuter transportation/TDM industry is desirable.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
Computer proficiency and knowledge of transportation planning principles and experience with Transportation Demand Management concepts and strategies is highly preferred. Applicant should have excellent oral and written communication skills, be organized, capable of working independently on complex assignments, and manage multiple tasks.

Must possess a driver’s license and have access to a vehicle during business hours.


TDM Marketing and Communication Specialist

Position Description
The primary function of the Marketing and Communication Specialist is to serve as an advocate for alternative transportation options. The Specialist also acts as a liaison among a variety of organizations working cooperatively to promote TDM and alternative commute options. The Marketing and Communication Specialist has a direct responsibility to develop marketing strategies that advertise TDM programs and promote travel behavior change. The Specialist generally assists with the following duties and reports to the Senior TDM Specialist.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Organize, attend, and/or participate in special events and promotions advocating transportation alternatives.
2.  Serve as spokesperson for our clients at meetings, special and media events.
3.  Develop and implement all outreach and marketing activities, campaigns, and strategies to promote alternative transportation programs. This can be done through a combination of personal contacts, brochures, mass mailings, public presentations, special events, the Internet, social media, etc.
4.  Establish and maintain effective relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, employers, and other parties to develop transportation programs and resolve other transportation issues.
5.  Develop and implement annual communication plans that include promotional and educational strategies.
6.  Performs and supervises all communication, outreach, marketing, public relations, and media duties relating to TDM projects as required.
7.  Supervise the efforts of lower level staff members.
8.  Assist the Senior TDM Specialist with the aforementioned duties and performs other related tasks as required


Education and/or Experience Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing/ Advertising, Business or Public Administration. Previous experience working in commuter transportation/TDM industry is desirable.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
Must have proficiency in MS Office Applications, desktop publishing, database and spreadsheet software. Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills are required. Must have the ability to effectively prepare and present information to various groups. The ability to work independently or with others to manage multiple tasks with minimal supervision is essential. Knowledge of marketing principles to develop and implement strategies to promote TDM programs is critical.  A creative thinker a plus.

Must possess a driver’s license and have access to a vehicle during business hours.


If interested in applying for the TDM Specialist positions, please send a cover letter and resume to Courtney Menjivar  Learn more about WELLS + ASSOCIATES.

Internship Alert: Policy Intern (Spring 2013) – Reconnecting America @ Washington, DC

February 8, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Reconnecting America

Reconnecting America is a national nonprofit organization that helps transform promising ideas into thriving communities, where transportation choices make it easy to get from place to place, where businesses flourish, and where people from all walks of life can afford to live, work and visit.  We accomplish these goals by advising civic and community leaders on how to overcome community development challenges to create better communities for all.

We also develop research and innovative public policy, while building on-the-ground partnerships and convening the players needed to accelerate decision-making. Reconnecting America engages in an integrated set of activities to support our efforts including technical assistance with a broad set of stakeholders in regions big and small across the country, policy reform at the federal, state and local levels and education activities to build capacity among the range of stakeholders ultimately responsible for building stronger and more equitable communities.

Reconnecting America is the managing partner in the Center for Transit-Oriented Development (CTOD), the only national nonprofit effort funded by Congress to promote best practices in transit-oriented development.  For more information visit our website,

Position Overview

Reconnecting America is looking for a motivated, self-guided individual with knowledge, experience, and interest in transit-oriented development, affordable housing, community development and transportation and an interest in helping to develop materials for our policy and education programs. The intern will work on a variety of projects that may include:

  • Conducting research on the integration of housing and transit in small and midsize cities.
  • Creating project sheets and case studies on various topics related to transit-oriented development, transportation, and affordable housing policy.
  • Reviewing and preparing budget analysis of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Department of Transportation annual budget requests.
  • Supporting staff with graphic representation and editing information in Adobe illustrator and PowerPoint formats.
  • Conducting research on local, regional, state and federal transit-oriented development policies.
  • Supporting staff with federal level policy advocacy for transportation and sustainable communities.
  • Updating content on the Mixed-Income TOD Action Guide (, an online tool developed for the Federal Transit Administration.
  • Preparing presentation materials and assisting with logistics for RA projects.
  • Possible short-term, targeted research and/or analysis projects. Also, occasional minor administrative tasks.


  • A Bachelors degree and at least a year of graduate work in city planning, geography, architecture, transportation, public policy, or other related field
  • Excellent research, writing and analytical skills
  • Comfort using Excel and PowerPoint are essential. Experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, Access, or ArcGIS would be a plus
  • An understanding of transit-oriented development principles and strategies and/ or principles related to sustainable communities (health, affordable housing, transportation etc.)
  • Self-directed, resourceful, and results-oriented
  • Excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills. Ability to work productively, professionally and respectfully with coworkers and outside partners
  • Motivated, enthusiastic and committed to the organization’s mission

The position is paid, part-time (15-20 hours/week) and available starting in early to mid-March. Position will be filled from March to August 2013, possibly beyond. Hourly wage is commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume no later than March 1, 2013 to Sasha Forbes, In the subject line write: RA SPRING INTERN. No phone calls, please.

For more information about Reconnecting America please visit our website:

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Job Alert: Rail Systems Engineering Project Manager – Capital Metro @ Austin, Texas

February 7, 2013 at 6:27 pm

logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Capital Metro, Austin’s regional public transportation provider, is looking for an RAIL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGER. This position is responsible for the management of the Rail Systems engineering design and construction activities under the supervision of the VP of Rail Operations. Join us in our vision to be a driving force for quality life in the Austin and surrounding communities.



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