Job Alert: Senior Transit Service Planner / Project Manager – Foursquare ITP @ Rockville, MD

March 26, 2013 at 7:02 pm


Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning (Foursquare ITP – is looking for a qualified Senior Transit Service Planner / Project Manager to lead tasks, conduct analysis, and manage projects that require expertise in bus service planning and transit agency operations for services of all size and in all operating environments. The types of projects include transit network analysis, bus priority plans, and transit development plans.

The selected candidate will be responsible for leading service planning efforts, managing projects, conducting transportation research, analysis, report development, field work and meeting participation on a wide variety of transportation projects. Within service planning, the candidate will develop transit service plans, route structures, operating costs, ridership estimates, and implementation and operating plans.

In addition to transit service planning, the selected candidate must have the breadth of experience and interest to assist, lead, and/or manage teams on a diverse array of transportation projects for state and local governments, federal agencies, transit agencies, and regional agencies. (S)he will be involved in a variety of projects, including (but not limited to) transit development plans, transit system operations, transportation needs assessments, alternatives analysis, station area plans, and transit performance monitoring.

In addition to having the appropriate technical and project management skills, the successful candidate will be a smart, motivated, self-starter who is passionate about transit and transportation planning. The candidate must also be flexible in meeting client demands and operating within a dynamic workflow.


Any potential position at Foursquare ITP requires excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Topical area expertise is required in transit service planning: route planning, ridership estimation, scheduling efficiencies, and transit program implementation. Additional experience desired includes: corridor-level transit planning, regional transportation planning, transit development plans, transportation demand management (TDM), land use and economic development analysis, and strategic planning.  A strong working knowledge of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area is preferred.

The candidate must have at least 10 years of experience in the field (12 or more years preferred) and at least 3 years of task or project management experience. Demonstrated service planning capabilities with large, complex transit systems are essential. Experience managing staff and overseeing projects from the technical and administrative sides is required. Appropriate educational background is also required, including preferably a Master’s degree in transportation planning, urban planning, or similar.

While résumés will be accepted through Friday April 12th, 2013, candidate evaluations will begin April 5th. Send to resumes @ The interview and hiring process is on a fast track and the candidate must be available to start work in the very short term.