Strap a rocket to that … New land speed record for a (rocket-powered) bicycle is now 163MPH

May 28, 2013 at 6:41 pm

This is bat s**t crazy..Whew! French daredevil, Francois Gissy, set a new speed record on a bike – an astonishing 163mph, besting his own previous record of 150mph set in 2002. How did he do it – by strapping a hydrogen peroxide powered rocket to it!  Want to know something more crazier – it is still not the fastest bicycle speed record. While Gissy broke the record for rocket-powered bikes, he was still 4 MPH off the fastest cycling speed of 167 MPH that Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg set in 1995 while riding in a slipstream, sans rocket! Clearly, my life is quite boring. Read more here.

Image courtesy: Discovery News