Tagged – Vandals tag a $2.3 million jet parked at Van Nuys Airport with gang graffiti

July 15, 2013 at 5:55 pm

A Learjet Model 60 was tagged by graffiti artists, in a picture posted to Twitter/KCBS/The Aviation Writer. (via News.com.au)

Wow.. A gang snuck into Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles undetected in the early morning hours and tagged a learjet parked in the tarmac with words “flame” and R.I.P. It is estimated that the cost of fixing the plane is going to be around $110,000.. That’s some good chunk of change for the jet’s owner to undo this creative expression. The biggest question is –  How secure is the airport complex to permit something like this, which should have taken at least a couple of hours to get done? Click here to learn more.