[Video]: King of the Ocean: Say Hello to the World’s Biggest Ship – $185 Million Triple-E from Maersk

September 5, 2013 at 5:24 pm

via Bloomberg

Here are a few interesting facts about this massive cargo freighter:

  • The Danish company Maersk is building a total of 20 of these biggest ships, Triple-E, on a dry-dock in South Korea. Apparently the first one, named McKinney Moller, has hit the high seas already. Watch the big beauty float its way through the Suez canal on its way to Europe.
  • Cost of each ship is $185 million and expected to ply the route between Northern Europe and China.
  • Stood on its stern, its bow would stretch 19 meters above the roof of the Empire State Building.
  • In one trip, a Triple-E could transport more 182 million iPads, or 111 million pairs of shoes, from Shanghai to Rotterdam.