HeadsUP! Tech startup’s visual display projects your smartphone on your car’s windshield

November 18, 2013 at 11:04 pm

via Mashable

  • Tech startup NeXt built a product called HeadsUP!, a visual display that projects often-used cellphone features, such as texting, voice calls, and email, onto the windshield of a car. This allows users to engage with their smartphones without needing to look down, or fumbling with them while driving.
  • HeadsUP! enables voice dictation and touch-free swiping to let users interact with the screen.
  • NeXt is seeking a patent for the technology, and is asking donors on Indiegogo to pay $299 for the earliest version of its HeadsUP! device.

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Of course, the biggest question is how much of this new tech will add to driver distraction, a hot topic that often pits tech/gadget makers against the regulators and policy-makers who fret about road safety.