Job Alert: Transportation Specialist (GS-2101-14) – USDOT Federal Highway Administration @ Washington, DC

December 4, 2013 at 6:10 pm

Closing Date: Friday, December 20, 2013

This position is located in the Office of Transportation Operations in the Office of Operations. You will serve as a national expert in Traffic Incident Management (TIM); including the leadership, institutional development and sustainability, professional capacity building, and public awareness and education.  The position entails developing, executing and promoting TIM program efforts in collaboration with Transportation and Public Safety senior leaders, mid-level officials and practitioners. The position requires knowledge of current national TIM state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice guidance and good practices. You may conduct tasks associated with one or both categories based on the program’s needs and your strengths. You may also (1) manage executive-level interactions among governmental, private sector and association partners and serve as public safety liaison OR (2) provide technical services on a gamut of traffic incident management issues. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strengths in both of these categories.

The ideal candidate for this position is a mid-career or senior professional with experience interacting and providing technical services on traffic incident management issues with governmental, private sector and association partners and serving as public safety liaison.


  • Identifies, plans and implements broad new national TIM collaboration strategies with public safety  based on the wide dissemination of the FHWA-produced TIM Program policies, strategies, guidance and products to State, Tribal, regional and local customers, but also association, private sector, senior leadership partners in transportation, law enforcement, fire, towing and other public safety responders.
  • Identifies research and development needs and gaps presented by contacts with State, Tribal, regional and local TIM managers and practitioners and integrate these into the TI&EM roadmap and/or annual work plans and budget requests.
  • Serves as the Government’s Contracting Officer’s Representative or Task Monitor, as appropriate, if trained and accredited for TIM-specific contract work.
  • Analyzes and converts conclusions of data and special studies, surveys, and research specific to the TIM program standards, policies, and guides for enhancing the proliferation of the TIM products into reports, budget recommendations, articles, and presentations.
  • Uses written and oral tools and skills to promote the adoption of the TIM program products and to influence decision makers to accept good TIM practices or recommended tools and resources needed to secure management support to enhance and improve local TIM programs.
  • Creates effective relationships with senior-level transportation, public safety and towing stakeholders involved in the national TIM program development and implementation using existing national expertise and contacts in the TIM field.

PLEASE NOTE: At the interview stage, you will be required to provide writing examples that you have developed or produced such as reports, correspondence, studies, publications, speeches, etc.  You should provide examples that were developed for the highest level of audience; such as senior level officials inside your agency, senior level officials external to your agency and/or Congress.

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