Job Alert: Transportation Planner / Analyst – Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) @ San Francisco, CA

April 15, 2014 at 5:22 pm
The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has an exciting job opportunity for a bright, self-motivated individual with expertise in transportation planning, transportation engineering, public policy, or economics. As part of MTC’s performance-based planning team, this Transportation Planner/Analyst position will help answer critical regional policy questions by analyzing transportation projects and evaluating planning scenarios. Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies – including benefit-cost and economic impact analyses – this position will help to address policy challenges including:
·         How can the region best invest in BART to prepare it for decades of projected ridership growth? Which extensions should be constructed (if any) and what reinvestments should be made into the core of the existing system?
·         Can we most effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by pursuing auto-based solutions, such as subsidizing electric vehicles or improving signal timing? Or should we put a greater emphasis on shifting individuals’ mode choices to public transit, walking, and bicycling? Which projects will help us most efficiently pursue either solution?
·         Should the region pivot from transportation megaprojects to smaller, more localized investments (such as bus rapid transit lines)? Where in the region might this be a cost-effective approach, and if so, how do we fund these smaller, less visible investments?
·         What will it take to boost Muni reliability – increased frequencies, dedicated lanes, new transit vehicles, technology-based solutions, or all of the above? And how much will this really cost?
·         Are we striking the right balance between maintaining our existing system and building new infrastructure to serve rapidly growing areas? Are there innovative policies or projects that would boost the cost-effectiveness of existing investments into the transportation system?
This full-time position pays $35.00 to $50.00 per hour (depending on qualifications) and includes an attractive benefits package.Applications are due by May 7, 2014 – for more information and to start your application, go to:
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