Job(s) Alert: Project Manager & Outreach Coordinator – New York City Department of Transportation @ NYC

June 28, 2014 at 8:26 am

Project Manager

Serve as Project Manager in the Transit Development Group within NYCDOT’s Division of Traffic and Planning. Manage key planning and implementation initiatives related to improving surface transit within New York City, including implementation of PlaNYC recommendations and the DOT strategic plan. Assist in the planning, design and implementation of Select Bus Service projects, as well as other transit priority and complete streets projects. Work closely with other DOT staff, with other City, State, and Federal agencies (particularly the MTA), and with the general public. Manage consultant work efforts and contracts, as well as capital grants. Create GIS maps, and perform other technical planning analysis. Work with community boards and other public stakeholders in public workshops, presentations, and other settings.

Outreach Coordinator

Serve as Outreach Coordinator in the Transit Development Group within NYCDOT’s Division of Traffic and Planning. Develop and execute plans for community outreach associated with Select Bus Service projects and other related initiatives. Organize community meetings, and serve as the point of liaison with community boards, elected officials, and other project stakeholders. Develop and manage contact lists for projects, and record and respond to community feedback. Prepare materials for online distribution, including regular updates of the Select Bus Service website and other Web 2.0 activities. Work closely with DOT External Affairs, Borough Commissioner offices, and NYCT Government and Community Relations as needed.