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This is a quick round-up of news and information on Driverless Cars/Vehicle Automation that I happened to catch.  Will try my best to keep this list current and at times I may get too bogged down and may miss out on some of the important conversations in this topic. So, if you happened to see interesting on the web but not included here,  send me a note ( and I’ll have it added.  Thanks.

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Jan 9, 2014: India cars and Bikes: BMW Reveals Self-Drifting Cars (yeah, drifting!)

Jan 9, 2014: Experts Warn Internet-Connected Vehicles Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Jan 9, 2014: Chron: Carmarkers: Driverless cars need legal framework

Jan 9, 2014: The Guardian: CES 2014: driverless cars are coming and they want to be your friends

Jan 9, 2014: Concord Patch: DMV To Vet Laws for Testing Driverless Vehicles on Tuesday

Jan 9, 2014: USAToday: CES 2014: Leaving Las Vegas in a driverless car, one day

Dec 19, 2013: Motor Authority: Michigan Fourth State to Approve Autonomous Car Testing

Dec 19, 2013: Great Bend Tribune: Driverless cars wave of the future

Dec 19, 2013: Wall Street Journal: Will Tort Law Kill Driverless Cars?

Dec 18, 2013: Driverless Cars Zooming Our Way

Dec 16, 2013: ComputerWeekly  Linux navigating photon laser disturbance in Google self-driving cars

Dec 15, 2013: AutoCar Renault developing autonomous driving technology

Dec 13, 2013: recombu  Google driverless cars to have ears, patent suggests

Dec 13, 2013: Al Arabiya News  ‘Robot cars’ wait for green light as Dubai studies test drive

Dec 13, 2013: mLive  Michigan gives green light to autonomous vehicle testing despite concerns from Google

Dec 12, 2013: PC Mag  Will Congress Slam the Brakes on Self-Driving Cars?

Dec 12, 2013: Time  Ford’s Vision of Automated Driving Is Very Different From Google’s

Dec 12, 2013: MIT Technology Review  Ford Gives a Demo of Its Model T of Driverless Cars


Dec 12, 2013: The Globe and Mail  How self-driving cars will ease traffic congestion

Dec 11, 2013: Impress Media  Cohda delivers the key to self-driving cars

Dec 11, 2013: readwrite  Why Google’s Driverless Car Is Evil

Dec 11, 2013: Lee’s Summit Journal  Eyes on the road

Dec 11, 2013:The Financial Express  Editorial: Driving Ahead

Dec 11, 2013: Motor Trend  Rinspeed Autonomous Driving Concept is Geneva-Bound, Looks Like a Tesla

Dec 10, 2013: Business Standard ’Localised’ driverless cars may become reality for India in few years

Dec 09, 2013: YouTube  Autonomous driving by Volvo [Video]

Dec 09, 2013: USA Today – Survey: Gen Y wants self-driving car features

Dec 09, 2013: Gigaom  The Gigaom interview: Bill Ford on the new golden age of automotive innovation

Dec 09, 2013: Commercial Motor  Platoons of ‘driverless’ LGVs predicted for 2018

Dec 09, 2013: MIT News  SMART Driverless golf cart provides a glimpse into a future of autonomous vehicles

Dec 09, 2013: Automotive World COMMENT: The global reality of autonomous driving by 2020

Dec 09, 2013: Automotive News  California proposes regs for self-driving-car tests

Dec 08, 2013: Daily Finance  Driverless Cars Aren’t a Threat to Progressive

Dec 08, 2013: CNN  Man vs. machine: Who should be at the wheel?

Dec 07, 2013: Des Moines Register  Iowa View: Amazon and America’s technological future

Dec 07, 2013: The Motley Fool  It’s Too Early to Invest in Driverless Cars

Dec 06, 2013: TechnoBuffalo  Apple and Siri Spoofed in Steeri Driverless-Car Parody Video

Dec 06, 2013: Fort Mill Times  SwRI Operating Connected Vehicle Affiliated Test Bed

Dec 06, 2013: The New Zealand Herald  When driver becomes passenger

Dec 06, 2013: Live Science  Where Are the Autopilot Lanes for Driverless Cars? (Op-Ed)

Dec 05, 2013: Freakonomics  The Most Dangerous Machine: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

Dec 05, 2013: BBC  UK government paves way for driverless cars

Dec 04, 2013: PRWeb  Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Receives Phase II SBIR Contract for Sensor Study

Dec 04, 2013: TechWire  DMV proposes regulations to test self-driving cars

Dec 04, 2013: ComputerWorld UK  National Infrastructure plan prioritises broadband and driverless cars

Dec 03, 2013: gizmag  Visionary or vaporous? Zoox Level 4 autonomous, bi-directional electric vehicle

Dec 03, 2013: LinkedIn  Driverless Cars and the Future of Insurance

Dec 03, 2013: Guardian Express  Driverless Cars Driving for Less Problems

Dec 02, 2013: CNBC  Must-have technologies for safe driving

Dec 02, 2013: Automobile Mag  Volvo To Test Autonomous Cars On Public Roads By 2017

Dec 02, 2013: The Washington Post  Amazon drones are a fun gimmick, but ground vehicles are the future of retail

Dec 02, 2013: The Telegraph  Large-scale trial of driverless cars to begin on public roads

Dec 02, 2013: InAutoNews  Autonomous cars could forever change auto industry

Dec 01, 2013:  University of Michigan aims to put fleet of self-driving cars on the road by 2021

Nov 30, 2013:  South Jersey police ponder: Who will be responsible, you or your driverless car?

Nov 30, 2013:  Detroit News  Computer driven cars will convulse the automotive industry

Nov 29, 2013:  CCJ  Self-driving planes, trains, trucks will lead supply chain redesign

Nov 29, 2013:  Before we all pile on the driverless car bandwagon, a few questions need to be answered

Nov 29, 2013:  The Asahi Shimbun  Researchers foresee driver-less vehicles on highways

Nov 28, 2013:  DVice Bizarre concept car has an anti-collision goldfish tank

Nov 28, 2013:  PC Mag Getting the Connected Car Up to Speed

Nov 28, 2013:  WhatCar  Renault self-driving tech ready in 2014

Nov 27, 2013:  Virginia Business  Virginia Tech institute tests automated vehicle technologies.

Nov 27, 2013:  The Motley Fool  Would You Buy a Self-Driving Car to Save 80% on Auto Insurance?

Nov 27, 2013:  The Oxford Student  Driverless Cars: future becoming the present

Nov 26, 2013:  Toyota rejects autonomous vehicles

Nov 26, 2013:  NJBiz  Driverless cars … in N.J.? Assembly panel considers legislation authorizing tests

Nov 25, 2013:  Mashable  Military’s Driverless Vehicle Plans Languish Amid Technology Woes

Nov 25, 2013:  io9  Here Is Your Self-Driving Car! But Do You Want It?

Nov 25, 2013:  The New Yorker  AUTO CORRECT – Has the self-driving car at last arrived

Nov 22, 2013:  The Dish Daily Autonomous Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Google, Nissan by 2020

Nov 22, 2013:  US News & World Report When Can We Buy Google’s Self-Driving Car?

Nov 22, 2013:  Slate  Autonomous Car Legislation Backs Google’s Vision of the Future Over Ford’s …  for Now

Nov 22, 2013:  Commercial Carrier Journal  Feedback Friday: Are driverless trucks a good idea? 

Nov 22, 2013:  Design News  Study: Self-Driving Cars Are Less Than 20 Years Away

Nov 21, 2013:  Pramath Malik  4 things about autonomous cars nobody wants to talk about

Nov 21, 2013:  Driverless cars

Nov 20, 2013:  Energy Tribune Will Self-Driving Cars Revolutionize Vehicle Efficiency?

Nov 20, 2013:  IEEE  Self-Driving Cars Gain Backing of U.S. Regulators

Nov 20, 2013:  Los Angeles Times  L.A. Auto Show: When can we expect our cars to drive themselves?

Nov 19, 2013:  Dumbest Reason to Be Skeptical of Autonomous Vehicles: They Might Cost Auto Mechanics Their Jobs

Nov 19, 2013:  Autocar  Lexus demonstrates autonomous driving

Nov 19, 2013:  The Hill  Lawmakers question safety of driverless cars

Nov 19, 2013:  GreenBiz Driverless cars: Tesla, Google, Nissan and others shift gears

Nov 18, 2013:  The Hill  Bright future for driverless cars

Nov 18, 2013:  Minanyville  12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Nov 17, 2013:  Automotive News  Self-driving 2.0: Cars pass, change lanes

Nov 16, 2013:  InAutoNews  Bosch also aims for a piece of the autonomous car market

Nov 15, 2013:  The Washington Post  The benefits of partnerships between Silicon Valley and government agencies

Nov 15, 2013:  Stanford’s 150 mph Racecar Drives Autonomously

Nov 14, 2013:  Manufacturing Business Technology  Toyota Advises Congress On Connected-Car Future Technology

Nov 13, 2013:  Forbes  How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The World

Nov 13, 2013:  Town Hall  Will Government Be Able to Remotely Control Your Car

Nov 12, 2013:  TwinCities  Self-driving cars are attainable technology, St. Paul robotic conference told

Nov 11, 2013:  Driverless, networked cars on Ann Arbor roads by 2021

Nov 10, 2013:  Daily Herald  Driverless cars rumble toward the starting line

Nov 9, 2013:  Auto-Types  Autonomous Cars Could Reduce Insurance Costs By 80 Percent

Nov 9, 2013:  Science & Technology  Japan PM rides around Tokyo in self-driving vehicles

Nov 8, 2013:  Driverless Cars Face Plenty Of Legal Detours

Nov 6, 2013:  Forbes  Why Google And Others See A Future With Driverless Cars

Nov 5, 2013:  Automotive News  90% of drivers would consider self-driving cars to save on insurance, survey says

Nov 5, 2013:  Fox News  Why Blackberry is not quite dead yet

Nov 4, 2013:  The Street  Google Should Buy Tesla

Nov 4, 2013:  Yahoo News  Fewer Millennials Look to Cars for Mobility (Op-Ed)

Nov 4, 2013:  Digital Journal  Driverless Cars Study: 1 in 5 Would Let Computers Do the Driving

Nov 4, 2013:  Automotive News  How self-driving cars could transform the rental market

Nov 3, 2013:  CBS Sunday Morning  Step into a self-driving car (Video)

Nov 1, 2013:  just-auto  UK: Autonomous vehicles in use (Europe and NA) forecast at 6m by 2025

Nov 1, 2013:  CTV News  MIT engineer’s algorithm could cut down on unexplained traffic jams

Nov 1, 2013:  The Guardian  Hailo’s future of self-driving cabs will still rely on humans

Oct 31, 2013:  plugincars  Self-Driving Cars Are Coming Fast, and They’re Likely To Be Electric

Oct 30, 2013:  The Street  Autonomous Cars Driving the Future

Oct 30, 2013:  Inventor Spot  Meet CaRINA, A Driverless Car Developed In Brazil

Oct 29, 2013:  The Telegraph  Auto braking systems rated

Oct 29, 2013:  WardsAuto  The Auto Industry’s Existential Threat

Oct 28, 2013:  Daily Mail  Welcome to our ‘science fiction future’: Driverless 12mph pods with room for two passengers to take to pavements of Milton Keynes in £65 million smartphone app transport system

Oct 28, 2013:  CNN  The new pandemic: road deaths

Oct 28, 2013:  Digital Journal  Robot Cars and Trucks Market: 2013 to 2019 Shares, Strategies, and Worldwide Forecasts in New Research Report at

Oct 27, 2013:  mondaq  When Will Self-Driving Cars Be Legal In New Hampshire?

Oct 25, 2013:  The New York Times  On the Road to Autonomous, a Pause at Extrasensory

Oct 24, 2013:  MIT Technology Review  Data Shows Google’s Robot Cars Are Smoother, Safer Drivers Than You or I

Oct 24, 2013:  Aljazeera America  ‘TechKnow’ Need to Know: 6 questions you should ask about driverless cars

Oct 24, 2013:  Aljazeera America  Producer’s Notebook: The sorcery of the driverless car

Oct 24, 2013:  Connected vehicle pilot program in Michigan extended

Oct 23, 2013:  The Washington Post  Here’s what it would take for self-driving cars to catch on

Oct 23, 2013:  Jewish Journal  Welcome your oil-less future

Oct 23, 2013:  Auto Tech: Nissan Autonomous Drive Leaf

Oct 22, 2013:  Canadian Manufacturing  Study says autonomous cars cars could transform future

Oct 22, 2013: MIT Technology Review  Driverless Cars Are Further Away Than You Think

Oct 21, 2013: mLive  Connected cars? 5 interesting findings, predictions

Oct 21, 2013: Automotive News  Self-driving cars get a reality check

Oct 20, 2013: Businessweek  Self-Driving Car Demand Seen Boosted by Japan’s Aging Population

Oct 19, 2013: theGuardian  Smart robots, driverless cars work – but they bring ethical issues too

Oct 18, 2013: Observer & Eccentric  Plymouth Township auto supplier looks at market-shaping trends


Oct 18, 2013: Popular Mechanics  Is Zoox—And Its Autonomous Car—For Real?

Oct 17, 2013: TechZone360  Driverless Cars: The Next Space Race?

Oct 16, 2013: The Inquirer  Texas Instruments launches chips for self driving cars

Oct 16, 2013: The Detroit News  Future may turn against steering wheel

Oct 15, 2013: Herald Online  Research and Markets: Global Semi Autonomous Market For Passenger Cars Industry Report 2013-2018

Oct 15, 2013: Financial Review  Driverless cars light the road to Sydney’s future

Oct 14, 2013: Automotive News  TRW builds expertise in collision-avoidance technology

Oct 14, 2013: Automotive News  What if Volvos could only talk to other Volvos?

Oct 13, 2013: The National  Self-driving cars are no longer from the realm of science fiction

Oct 13, 2013: Automotive News  Nissan futurists rethink the car

Oct 12, 2013: Los Angeles Times  Self-driving cars inch closer to mainstream availability

Oct 11, 2013: Automotive News  Imagining an autonomous world — in-car gym and showers, the end of billboards, and rolling hotels

Oct 11, 2013: Automotive News  For automakers, a threat from tech giants on road to autonomous cars

Oct 11, 2013: The Car Connection  Toyota Will Roll Out Autonomous Cars By The ‘Mid-2010s’

Oct 10, 2013: Telematics Update  Autonomous truck convoys: The question is when, not if

Oct 10, 2013: InAutoNews Driver assistance systems could be the cornerstone to full autonomous vehicles

Oct 10, 2013: Bloomberg  Toyota Introduces System That Uses Radio to Avoid Car Collisions

Oct 10, 2013: Popular Mechanics  Toyota’s Semi-Autonomous Cars Hit the Highway

Oct 10, 2013: RGJ  Self-driving cars of the future are sort of here now

Oct 10, 2013: Automotive News  Toyota plans radar-based safety system to prevent car collisions

Oct 10, 2013: Wired  People Would Rather Buy a Self-Driving Car From Google Than GM

Oct 09, 2013: Fort Mill Times  A.M. BestTV: Road to Driverless Cars Pocked with Liability Potholes

Oct 09, 2013: ValueWalk  Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) CTO Talks About Self-Driving Cars

Oct 09, 2013: BBC News  Ford car takes control of steering to avoid collisions

Oct 09, 2013: The Argus  “Look, no hands!”: Debate on ‘driverless’ vehicles

Oct 08, 2013: The Atlantic  The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

Oct 08, 2013: GIGAOM  Ford hasn’t built the autonomous car yet, but it’s getting closer

Oct 08, 2013: Crain’s Detroit Business  Riding shotgun in a nearly autonomous vehicle: An amazingly gentle cruise

Oct 08, 2013: The Detroit News  Ford lets cars find parking spots

Oct 07, 2013: hybridCARS  Volvo Wants Consumers At The Heart Of The Connected Car Debate

Oct 06, 2013: Torque News  Nissan Autonomous Driving Technology wins top award at CEATEC

Oct 04, 2013: The Washington Post  The next wave of urban transportation innovation is upon us

Oct 03, 2013: Live Life Drive  Subaru To Introduce Upgraded EyeSight, Moves Closer Towards Autonomous Driving

Oct 03, 2013: The Verge  Google is imagining a way to control your car using gestures, according to patent application

Oct 02, 2013: Gizmodo  The UK Is About to Connect an Entire Highway to the Internet

Oct 02, 2013: The Guardian  Super highway: A14 to become Britain’s first internet-connected road

Sep 30, 2013: Wired  Google’s Plan for Autonomous Cars Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Sep 30, 2013: Forbes  Autonomous Driving Tech Package Will Be An Option On Mercedes Vehicles by 2020

Sep 30, 2013: The Volokh Conspiracy  Driverless Carts Are Coming Sooner Than Driverless Cars

Sep 30, 2013: Farm and Dairy  Wait a minute, this car drives itself?

Sep 30, 2013: Green Car Reports  IIHS Unveils First Frontal-Crash Protection Ratings; 13 Of 74 High-Rated

Sep 29, 2013: The Reporter – Self-driving vehicles move ahead faster than rules of road

Sep 29, 2013: Jakarta Post – Self-driving cars could be on US roads by 2020

Sep 28, 2013: Daytona Beach News Journal – ERAU vehicle could help airport detect wildlife, human intruders

Sep 27, 2013: Science World Report – Autonomous Mercedes-Benz Test-Drives on Historic Route of First Automobile

Sep 27, 2013: Wall Street Journal – Driverless Cars for the Road Ahead

Sep 27, 2013: c/net– Semi-autonomous driving: Can you drive through town after pressing the throttle only once?

Sep 26, 2013: Wired – Nissan’s Robot Car Passes Its License Test

Sep 25, 2013: – Autonomous vehicle technology could help blind to navigate

Sep 25, 2013: Automotive News – As autonomous vehicles gain traction, industry needs one standard, experts urge

Sep 24, 2013: The Washington Post – Here’s how self-driving cars could clear up traffic jams (Video)

Sep 24, 2013: Windy City Times – Google car could help the blind 

Sep 24, 2013: CNBC- Beyond Driverless (Video)

Sep 24, 2013: Boeing – On target: F-16 flies with an empty cockpit (Video)

Sep 24, 2013: Drive TV – Nissan brings the driverless car a step closer (Video)

Sep 23, 2013: Forbes- Most Consumers Say They’ll Steer Clear Of Self-Driving Cars, Survey Says

Sep 23, 2013: readwrite – How Nissan Will Roll Out Self-Driving Cars: Fricking Lasers

Sep 21, 2013: Jalopnik – Why We’ll Never Have Driverless Cars

Sep 21, 2013: Motor Trend – Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche: ‘We’re Ahead of Google’ on Self-Driven Cars

Sep 20, 2013: Washington Post – Tesla’s feat of (financial) engineering

Sep 19, 2013: c/net – Delphi demos autonomous car technologies at new lab

Sep 18, 2013: Popular Science – Inside Google’s Quest To Popularize Self-Driving Cars

Sep 18, 2013: USA Today – Tesla aims for ’90%’ self-driving cars in 3 years

 Sep 18, 2013: MSNBC – MorningJoe – Rise of the Machines (Video)

Sep 16, 2013: Huff Post Tech – No One Understands The Scariest, Most Dangerous Part Of A Self-Driving Car: Us

Sep 15, 2013: The New York Times – At Frankfurt Automobile Show, the Driver Began to Take a Back Seat

Sep 13, 2013: Digital Journal – Embry-Riddle Tests Robotic Security Vehicle at Daytona Beach International Airport

Sep 13, 2013: Automotive News Europe – Hollande turns to self-driving cars, robots to revive French industry

Sep 12, 2013: Fox Business – Forget Smart Cars, Imagine an Intelligent Highway

Sep 11, 2013: The Independent – Cyber culture: The only way to guarantee safety on the roads – remove car drivers

Sep 09, 2013: Automobile Magazine – Mercedes-Benz Debuts Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Sep 09, 2013: EE Times – Japan No Longer Gung-Ho on Vehicle-to-Infra Alone

Sep 09, 2013: Automotive News – GM’s step-by-step approach toward self-driving cars

Sep 08, 2013: Reuters – Daimler aims to launch self-driving car by 2020

Sep 07, 2013: Autonomous Vehicle Impacts – Is Canada Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

Sep 03, 2013: IBTTA – How Many Ways Can Google Transform Tolling?

Sep 03, 2013: BusinessKorea – Aiming to Build the World’s Most Intelligent Highways

Sep 03, 2013: c/net – How Google’s robo-cars mean the end of driving as we know it

Sep 02, 2013: newsworks – Could ‘connected vehicle technology’ have prevented this South Jersey school bus crash?

Sep 01, 2013: TechCrunch – What Google And Uber Have In Store For The Future

Sep 01, 2013: NextBigFuture – Progress to deployment of vehicle to vehicles communication and crash avoidance to help drivers avoid or reduce the severity of 80 percent of unimpaired vehicle crashes

Aug 31, 2013: Car & Driver- The Autonomous Automobile: Can Robot Cars Evolve to Make Complex, Human-Like Decisions Behind the Wheel?

Aug 31, 2013: DashBurst – How Our Driverless Future Will Transform the Economy

Aug 31, 2013: The Globe and Mail – Canada needs to get ready for self-driving cars

Aug 30, 2013: The Motley Fool – Can a Self-Driving Car By 2020 Happen Without Google?

Aug 30, 2013: Roanoke Times: Google’s self-driving car to be in Blacksburg next week

Aug 29, 2013: Automobile Magazine – Honda Demonstrates Vehicle-To-Pedestrian Safety Technology

Aug 29, 2013: Forbes – Dispatch From 2023: Google Considers Buying 250,000 Driverless Cars From Tesla, But Buys Tesla Instead

Aug 28, 2013: Detroit Free Press – GM intends to offer nearly self-driving car by 2020

Aug 28, 2013: MIT Technology Review – Are Driverless Cars Really Just Around the Corner?

Aug 27, 2013: USA Today – Nissan vows self-driving cars by 2020

Aug 27, 2013: Slate –  Why Bloggers Fell for a Fake TechCrunch Story About Self-Driving Cars

Aug 26, 2013: – Daily Mail Duped By Fake Article About Google Selling Driverless Cars

Aug 25, 2013: Techcrunch – Dispatch From The Future: Uber To Purchase 2,500 Driverless Cars From Google

Aug 24, 2013Forbes – Google to Build its Own Driverless Cars

Aug 19, 2013NPR- Hitting The Road Without A Driver

Aug 16, 2013: Science Daily – First Driverless Vehicle to Hit the Roads

Aug 12, 2013: Pulitzer Center – Not God’s Will: The Fixable Crisis of Traffic Fatalities

Jul 29, 2013Stanford Law – States Take the Wheel on Driverless Cars

Jun 20, 2013: Automobile Magazine – Volvo Demonstrates Self-Parking Car

Jun 07, 2013: CNN – Future of Transport is Self-Driving Cars, Says GPS Inventor

Jun 03, 2013: MSN – Why autonomous cars won’t sap the fun from driving

May 31, 2013: MSN – NHTSA says self-driving cars not ready for public use

May 30, 2013: NHTSA – U.S. Department of Transportation Releases Policy on Automated Vehicle Development 

May 22, 2013: Businessweek – Inside Google’s Secret Lab

May 20, 2013: Forbes – Forget Google Glass I Want a Google Car

Apr 15, 2013: MSN Will lawsuits kill the autonomous car?

Mar 30, 2013: Washington Post – Will Driverless Cars Solve Our Energy Problems – Or Just Create New Ones?

Feb 26 2013: MSN – BMW to test autonomous cars on the autobahn

Feb 25 2013: autoblog – Self-driving Nissan Leaf controlled from iPad (Video)

Jan 08 2013: USA Today – Drive On: Toyota, Audi disclose driverless car progress

Jan 07 2013: MSN – Nevada grants Audi autonomous-vehicle license

Dec 04, 2012: The Local – Volvo aims for ‘no-death’ new cars by 2020

Sep 27, 2012The Atlantic – Driverless Cars Would Reshape Automobiles and the Transit System

Sep 12, 2012MSN – How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Transportation

Apr 20, 2012: MSN – Cadillac May Offer Self-driving Option by 2015

Spring 2012: Santa Clara Law – Driving the Future

Aug 08, 2011:  Smartplanet – Who’s to blame when an autonomous vehicle crashes?

Aug 08, 2011:  c/net – China hot on Google’s heels with driverless car

Aug 05, 2011:  New York Times – Pod Cars, Moving Silently at Heathrow’s Terminal 5

Jul 17, 2011: CNN – Why We Made a Car for Blind Drivers

Jul 09, 2011: Portland Transport – Autonomous Vehicles and Urban Mobility

Jun 27, 2011: Smartplanet – Google’s self-driving car gets a green light from Nevada

0ct 09, 2010: Google – What we’re driving at