U.S.DOT Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Transportation and Climate Change Newsletter – Winter/Spring 2012

June 27, 2012 at 11:12 am

Prepared by the Office of Planning, Environment and Realty @ Federal Highway Administration

Recent Events and Reports

FHWA‘s Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Pilots Completed. Five areas have completed vulnerability and risk assessments of their transportation infrastructure under FHWA’s pilot program to implement a draft framework for climate change vulnerability and risk assessment. Each area took a different approach and contributed significantly to the understanding of potential climate change impacts on their transportation assets, and to the body of knowledge of the transportation community as a whole. FHWA will use the experiences of the pilots to update the draft framework. A very brief description of each pilot:

  • WSDOT assessed the infrastructure it owns, including roads, rail, ferry facilities, and airports. They held workshops around the State, presenting information on climate projections and asking maintenance engineers and other employees with intimate familiarity with the assets, “What keeps you up at night?” to help identify current vulnerabilities that may be exacerbated in the future.
  • A New Jersey project was led by NJTPA and was supported by an interagency partnership, including the three New Jersey MPOs, NJDOT, NJ Transit, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, and the NJ State Climatologist. The pilot closely followed the three steps of the Conceptual Risk Assessment Model in its analysis of the New Jersey Turnpike/I-95 corridor and the New Jersey Coast.
  • The Oahu MPO used an interagency, multidisciplinary two-day workshop to facilitate a climate change dialog and identify five key vulnerable assets for further study. The five assets were then assessed in more detail.
  • The University of Virginia developed a priority setting tool to assess how consideration of climate change and other factors may affect project prioritization in a transportation plan. They used the Hampton Roads region as a case study.
  • MTC, in partnership with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and others, led a study of a portion of the Bay, stretching from the Oakland Bay Bridge to the San Mateo Bridge (Alameda County). This study was focused on sea level rise. The project team developed asset risk profiles for a representative list of assets within the study area, including exposure to sea level rise, sensitivity to sea level rise (based on level of use, age, seismic retrofit status, maintenance cost, and liquefaction susceptibility).

For more information see FHWA’s pilots website which includes links to the individual pilot web pages where most of the final reports are posted. Also see recordings of two webinars on the pilots to hear about the projects directly from the project leads:

  • In FHWA Pilots Webinar I, Becky Lupes from FHWA gives an overview of the vulnerability and risk assessment framework, Jeff Perlman from NJTPA presents the results of the New Jersey study, and Carol Lee Roalkvam from WSDOT gives an overview of the WSDOT study.
  • In FHWA Pilots Webinar II, after Becky Lupes gives a very short introduction, Brenda Dix from MTC gives an overview of the San Francisco Bay study, Jim Lambert from the University of Virginia gives an overview of the Virginia Study, and Randolph Sykes from the Oahu MPO gives an overview of the Oahu study.

FHWA Releases GHG Strategy Analysis Tool. The Energy and Emissions Reduction Policy Analysis Tool (EERPAT) was developed to assist state transportation agencies with analyzing greenhouse gas reduction scenarios and alternatives. The Tool allows agencies to quickly assess policy interactions in hundreds of scenarios. The Tool uses GreenSTEP, developed by the Oregon State DOT, as its foundation, and is expected to have regular enhancements. FHWA will be conducting pilots of the tool in early 2012. DOTs interested in participating in the pilots should contact Diane Turchetta at 202-493-0158 or diane.turchetta@dot.gov.

FHWA’s Conditions and Performance Report Includes Chapter on Climate Change Adaptation. FHWA’s bi-annual “Report to Congress” for the first time includes a chapter on climate change adaptation. The chapter includes information on projected climate change impacts to highway transportation, steps for assessing adaptation needs, discussion of adaptation options, barriers to implementation of adaptation measures, and some current adaptation activities underway by USDOT, and state and local transportation agencies.

FHWA Newsletter Highlights use of ROW for Renewable Electricity Generation. The December issue of FHWA’s Success in Stewardship Newsletter, “Utilizing the Highway Right-of-Way to Generate Renewable Energy,” highlights DOT efforts in Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts, and North Carolina to use highway rights-of-way for solar, wind, and biofuel generation.

FAA Issues NEPA GHG Guidance. On January 12, the Federal Aviation Administration issued interim guidance on considering greenhouse gas emissions in NEPA studies. The guidance calls for including an estimate of CO2 equivalent emissions if conducting an analysis of other air emissions or if computing and reporting on fuel burn in the NEPA document.

EPA Issues Draft Guidance on Using MOVES for Estimating State and Local On-Road GHG Emissions. The draft EPA guidance, “Using MOVES for Estimating State and Local Inventories of On-Road Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption,” explains how to use the MOVES model to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from on road vehicles to create state or local inventories, or to estimate total energy consumption from the on-road sector. This document is posted on a new web pagethat also hosts other recent EPA publications about estimating emission reductions of both greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants from transportation efficiency strategies.

Army Corps of Engineers Issues Sea Level Rise Guidance. USACE’s “Engineering Circular 1165-2-212” provides guidance for accounting for projected future sea level rise across the project life-cycle for all Army Corps Civil Works activities. According to the Circular, local sea level rise is required to be considered in all Corps coastal activities. The circular includes some broad guidelines on how to develop and consider this information in alternatives selection for a project (pp.1-4), and also includes several appendices. One appendix is designed to help project sponsors estimate future trends in local sea level rise relevant to a specific project, while a second provides a decision-support flowchart for developing ranges of projected local sea level rise.

Report Identifies Climate Information and Assistance Needs. “Climate Adaptation & Transportation: Identifying Information and Assistance Needs” summarizes presentations and discussions from a NOAA workshop to investigate the transportation community’s needs for assistance from the climate science community, identifying the major findings and recommendations for addressing them. Workshop discussion focused on ways the climate science community can help meet transportation organizations’ needs for data, decision support tools, technical assistance, and other activities.  Attendees included representatives from the transportation and climate science fields in government, academia, consulting, and the nonprofit communities. The Center for Clean Air Policy and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute led this study with funding from NOAA.

State and Local News

Florida Report Looks at Assessing Sea Level Rise on Transportation Infrastructure. A new report sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Development of a Methodology for the Assessment of Sea Level Rise Impacts on Florida’s Transportation Modes and Infrastructure,” provides recommendations on how to assess the impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) on transportation infrastructure in Florida. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) reviewed existing SLR forecasts, undertook an extensive inventory of the transportation network along the Florida coastline, and developed a methodology for identifying and assessing potentially vulnerable transportation infrastructure. The researchers applied this methodology and developed case studies for three locations in the state. The report provides recommendations to FDOT on building the impact of SLR into their planning, project development, and construction processes.

WSDOT Issues Updated Climate Change Guidance. WSDOT has issued updated guidance on considering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change effects in project evaluations. The guidance calls for no GHG, qualitative GHG, or quantitative GHG analysis based on the class of environmental review, and provides a recommended quantitative approach for the analysis and sample language. It also addresses how climate change effects could be considered by asking project teams to ask and answer the question: “how will my project be affected by climate change?” and provides the steps and resources to do this.

Washington State Issues Framework for Addressing Climate Change Challenges. In recognition of a projected $10 billion in costs from climate change by the end of the decade, Washington State has released an “Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy” that is intended to provide a broad framework for decision-makers to use in their day-to-day work to ensure that consideration of climate change impacts is given a high priority. The strategy, “Preparing for a Changing Climate: Washington State’s Integrated Climate Response Strategy,” was completed by the Department of Ecology in collaboration with other state agencies and released April 3. It lays out a variety of threats ranging from the risks posed by a projected spike in diseases found in warmer climates such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia to increased flooding brought on by more frequent extreme weather events.

The response plan suggests adaptive strategies such as public education to meet disease threats and floodplain restoration, with the goal of increasing water storage capacity to fend off floods. The report calls for reducing risk of damage to buildings, transportation systems, and other infrastructure by:

  • Identifying vulnerable areas and taking proactive steps to reduce risks to infrastructure;
  • avoiding climate risks when siting new infrastructure and planning for growth; and
  • enhancing capacity to prepare for more frequent and severe flooding, rising sea levels, wildfires, and changes in energy supply and demand.

The report noted WSDOT’s recent efforts to conduct a qualitative assessment and initial screening of state-owned transportation infrastructure vulnerable to climate impacts as part of FHWA’s pilot program. The results of that assessment will be used to help prepare for future conditions and incorporate climate information into decision-making.

New York State Creates Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Program – The FHWA New York Division approved $10 million of Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds for the initial year of a statewide project entitled the “New York State Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Program.”  This program is intended to help the private companies, public entities, and non-profit entities operating vehicles within New York State to purchase new electric-battery powered medium and heavy-duty (Class 3-8) trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or more.  MPOs in all air quality nonattainment/maintenance areas of the State are being given the opportunity to endorse the statewide project on their Transportation Improvement Programs. If an MPO chooses not to endorse it, dealers in their area will not be eligible to participate.  It is estimated that this incentive program will provide vouchers for at least 450 vehicles in the first year, reducing greenhouse gases by an estimated 11,700 tons and saving about 1 million gallons of diesel fuel. This project was the result of cooperative discussions between the New York Division’s Planning, Environment, and Right of Way Section, the New York State Department of Transportation, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the New York City Department of Transportation. More information is available in a press releasefrom Governor Cuomo.

New York State Releases Climate Change Adaptation Report. In an effort to provide state decision makers with information on the state’s vulnerability to climate change and to assist in the development of adaptation strategies, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) produced “ClimAID: the Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in New York State.” The report contains a chapter on transportation infrastructure in the state, including a comprehensive description of the sector, the relevant climate hazards, and resulting vulnerabilities. The transportation chapter also outlines key adaptation strategies and important equity and environmental justice considerations.

Oregon’s TIGER III Electric Vehicle Charging Corridor Project Gets Major Boost. The Electric Vehicle Charging Corridor Connectivity Network Project in Oregon has been awarded an additional $1.34 million in TIGER III funding. The current project, originally funded with $2 million in TIGER II funding will install 22 DC fast charging stations at major destinations outside of Oregon’s metropolitan areas.  The project is anticipated to begin installation in April 2012, and be completed by December 2012. The additional TIGER III funding will allow expansion of the DC fast charging stations network as envisioned in the State’s original proposal.

NJTPA Hosts International Discussion on Climate Change Adaptation. On March 28, 2012, The North Jersey Transportation Authority (NJTPA) hosted the Symposium – Adapting to Climate Change: an International Discussion. As part of a tour of US transportation agencies, researchers from the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) met with officials from NJTPA, NJ Transit, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Rutgers University, and others to exchange information on infrastructure resiliency and climate change adaptation activities. More information, including presentations and video recordings of the proceedings, is available on the NJTPA website.


FHWA and AMPO Webinar on Climate Change Planning for MPOs: Effective Implementation of Traffic Operations and Management. June 26, 2012, 2:00-3:30 Eastern time. How are MPOs building on existing transportation management and operations programs to meet climate change needs? For GHG reductions? For better emergency response to extreme weather (climate) events? This webinar is free and open to all, however registration is required. This is the last in a series of six webinars on climate change sponsored by FHWA and AMPO.

Portland State University Transportation Seminar Series Explores Modeling and Climate Change – For the Spring of 2012, Portland State University’s Center for Transportation Studies Seminar Series, traditionally covering a breadth of current transportation topics, will instead focus on the single theme of transportation modeling, specifically taking a policy oriented approach and examining climate change impacts. Speakers for the series of 8 to 10 seminars will include both public and private sector transportation professionals. The series is free and open to the public. Webcasts of each seminar will be available live and archived; see www.cts.pdx.edu/seminars/ for topics and scheduling details.

If you have any suggestions for inclusion in future issues of Transportation and Climate Change News, or if someone forwarded this newsletter to you and you’d like to receive it directly in the future, please send your suggestions or request to Becky Lupes at Rebecca.Lupes@dot.gov or Heather Holsinger at Heather.Holsinger@dot.gov.

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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm

 Monday, September 26, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057

Transportation Voice Recordings

If you’re a reader of the TCN you’re probably interested in good communications. Part of that is making sure your message is clear and persuasive. I can help you with that. I’m one of the few people who specialize in transportation voice recordings. There are unique challenges in communicating in transportation environments such as acoustics and background noise, and I can help you deal with those challenges. My voice is heard by thousands daily in one of the toughest locations in the world, the New York City subway. I’m also the voice who welcomes travelers to Kennedy and Newark Liberty airports onboard the AirTrain.

Transit isn’t the only place my work can be heard. For example, I’ve narrated videos for Econolite, and the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority; TV and radio commercials for NJ Transit; phone recordings for TransCore and PATH; and a PowerPoint presentation for the I-95 Corridor Coalition. I’ve even done line announcing, such as for the cornerstone laying ceremony for the new 1 World Trade Center tower.

Click here to read what some of my clients have said. I’d be honored to be considered for your project. Please contact me atbernie@bwcommunications.net for more information.

1) United Pilots: Rushed New Procedures Hurt Safety

Link to AP article:


Link to news release from the Air Line Pilots Association, International:



2) Costa Rican Road Safety Agency Publishes List of Those Caught on Speed Camera

Link to article on InsideCostaRica:



3) Presentations Available from TRB Webinar: Keeping Up with Communication Technology — An Online Workshop on the Practical Use of Social Media

Link to presentations from the Transportation Research Board:



4) Pennsylvania DOT Seeks Help Restoring Keystone Markers

Link to article in The Patriot-News:



5) ‘E-gate’ Ups Airline Security

Faces and irises of passengers are recognized before boarding flights.

Link to AFP article:


Link to news release from AOptix:


6) In Texas, Siemens Tests Cellphone-Powered Traffic Evacuation System

Link to article in automotive IT:



7) Interview with Susan Heystee, Executive Vice President, Telogis

Link to interview in Telematics Update:



8) Real-Time Dublin Bus Arrival Information System Launched for Mobile and Web

Link to article on TheJournal.ie:


Link to news release from Dublin Bus:


9) BART Directors: Maybe We Don’t Need a Cell Shutdown Policy

Link to story from KALW Radio:


10) Cellphone Service Undergoes Improvements in DC Metro Transit System

Link to article in The Washington Post:


11) Mad for Metro-North, a Rail Rider is on a Mission

Emily Moser’s blog chronicles the lines of New York commuter railroad.

Link to article in The New York Times:

Link to I Ride the Harlem Line:



12) Authorities Launch Beirut Control Center to Rein in Traffic

Link to article in The Daily Star:


13) Iowa DOT Makes Changes to 511 Traffic Website

Link to story on Radio Iowa:


14) Study Shows Local TV and Radio Primary Sources for Traffic and Transportation News and Information

Link to study from the Pew Research Center:



15) News in automotive IT International

–  car-IT Congress: BMW’s Frickenstein Says LTE is Needed


–  carIT Congress: VDA President Says Car and Internet are Complimentary


News Releases

1) ‘Gadget Addicts’ Cause Havoc on UK Roads

2) Live Images of I-85 Corridor Improvement Project in North Carolina Now Available Online

3) Queensland Launches New Traffic Mobile Phone Website and Twitter Feeds

Upcoming Events

Recent Developments in Positioning, Navigation and Timing Systems – September 27 – Cambridge, Massachusetts (also available via Webinar)


Today in Transportation History    

1961 **50th anniversary** Charles Erwin Wilson, a former CEO of General Motors, as well as a former US Secretary of Defense, died in Norwood, Louisiana.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Friday, July 29, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Inside the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center in Aurora, Illinois

Link to article in the Daily Herald:



2) New York City Police Department’s ‘Ring of Steel’ Surveillance Network has 2,000 Cameras Running

Link to article in the New York Post:



3) Mapnificent Visualizes The Boundaries Of Public Transportation

Link to article in Fast Company:



4) FCC Ruling Favors Transportation-Related Use of 700 MHz Broadband Spectrum

Link to article in the AASHTO Journal:


5) iPhone or Android? Governments Ponder App Development Strategies

Link to article in Government Technology:


6) Cisco’s Smart+Connected Way to Transport

Link to interview on CIOL:


7) ERTICO’s iMobility Newsletter – July 2011

Link to newsletter:


8) Talking Technology and Transportation Webinars Online from US DOT

  Open Payments, Mobile Payments and Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Acceptance – Overview of Innovations in Public Transit Payment Systems (Webinar 2 in T3 Webinar Series ‘The Emergence of Open Electronic Payment Systems in Public Transit’)


–  2011 Enhancements to the ITS Knowledge Resources Websites: Improving Access to Information on ITS Benefits, Costs, Lessons Learned and Deployment


 –  Public Transit Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Implementations – Lessons Learned



9) Tucson, Arizona Police Department Uses Traffic-Camera Videos on YouTube to Promote Safety

Link to article in the Arizona Daily Star:


Link to Tucson Police YouTube channel:



10) Still No Warnings at Boat Ramp Where Fatal Accident Occurred

Link to article in The Daily Astorian:


11) Virginia Teens Train to be Youth Traffic-Safety Advocates

Link to story and video on WHST-TV:



12) GMAC: Insurance Telematics Can ‘Provide Significant Segmentation and Pricing Advantages’

Link to article in Telematics Update:



13) Congressmen Call on Metro-North to Improve Emergency Communications

Link to article in the Connecticut Post:


Link to news release:


14) Brisbane Commuters to Get Free Wi-Fi

Link to AAP article:


Link to news release:


15) New York MTA: We Get 700 Text Messages a Day for Bus Arrival Info

Link to article on Transportation Nation:


News Releases

1) New Intelligent Transportation System in Place to Measure Wait Times at Canadian/US Border Crossings

2) EU Supports Smart Solutions for Maritime Information Systems

3) Despite Smartphone Challenge, Embedded OEM and Aftermarket Connected-Car Systems to Reach 189 Million by 2016

4) New South Wales Debuts Real-Time Traffic App

5) New Zealand Transport Agency Expands Travel Information Service for Drivers in Hamilton

6) AAA Digest of Motor Laws Now Available Free Online

7) Exhibition at London Transport Museum Explores How Emerging Technologies Affects Cities

8) Avis Launches First Car-Rental Mobile Application for Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Upcoming Events

American Association of Port Authorities 100th Annual Convention – September 11-15 – Seattle


Friday Bonus


You’re never sure what those live traffic cameras are going to pick up during a broadcast.  Here are a few interesting examples.




Today in Transportation History  


1967 A rocket accidentally was launched on the USS Forrestal resulting in a fire and a number of explosions aboard the aircraft carrier.  The disaster killed 135 sailors.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) FAA Stats Show Fewer Pilots Break Airspace Rules

Link to AP article:


2) Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover; How Many Ways to Leave an Airport?

There’s a little-tapped marketing opportunity for airports to help their passengers leave the airport more efficiently and conveniently.

Link to column in Airport Business:



3) China Launches Ninth Satellite for Global Navigation System

Link to Xinhua article:


4) Waze Navigation App Updated with Text-to-Speech, Commuting Widget

Link to CNET’s The Car Tech blog:



5) ERTICO Talks to Vladimir Kryuchkov, CEO ITS-Russia

Link to interview from ERTICO:


6) Why the Future of Transportation is All About Real-Time Data

Link to article on Mashable:


7) Sensor – Summer 2011

–  Cars and Roads Share Info, Alert Drivers


–  Can Fuel-Economy Displays Promote Safe, Fuel-Efficient Driving?


–  Signs Use Solar Power to Make Rural Intersections Safer



8) Texas Transportation Institute Helps Texas DOT Ask Texans the Right Questions

Link to article in the Texas Transportation Researcher:



9) Hindhead Tunnel Opens in UK After Decades of Traffic Problems

High-tech employed to monitor traffic.

Link to BBC News story:


Link to further information from the Highways Agency:



10) Why Emergency Managers Should Use Social Media

Link to video in Emergency Management:



11) Exit of New York MTA Chief Leaves Tech Upgrades in Doubt

Link to article in the New York Post:


12) MBTA Riders Loco for Big Logo

Link to article in the Boston Herald:


13) ‘Excuse Me – is that Your Bag?’ Meet Alice Riley, DC Metro’s Zen-Like Voice

Link to article and video on TBD.com:



14) KC Scout Eases Traffic Flow

Link to commentary in The Examiner:


15) Predictive Traffic More than Good Enough

Link to blog from Strategy Analytics:


News Releases

1) SAP and Google Team to Put ‘Big Data’ on the Map

2) NTSB Takes Safety Message to Pilots and Enthusiasts at AirVenture

3) Inthinc Introduces Speed-by-Street and Verbal In-Cab Driver Mentoring Solution to Federal Fleet Managers

4) Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Launches Mobile Site for 511 Traveler Information Service

5) Research and Markets: European PND Market to Grow 1.5% 2010-2014

Upcoming Events

2011 Airport Public Safety & Security Fall Conference – August 29-September 1 – Arlington, Virginia


Today in Transportation History    

1866 **145th anniversary** The first successful underwater telegraph cable was completed between Europe and North America.


1991 **20th anniversary** The Twin Cities & Western Railroad began operations.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057

Register Today for IBTTA’s 79th Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Making the Difference ― September 11-14, 2011 in Berlin, Germany

Join IBTTA in Berlin for what promises to be the year’s largest gathering of toll industry professionals. With presentations from more than 90 industry experts, representing 25 countries around the world, the IBTTA Annual Meeting offers a unique learning and business opportunity!  An outstanding technical program with tracks on interoperability, tolling infrastructure around the world, communications, and environment/social responsibility – make your plans today!  Visit www.IBTTA.org/BERLIN to view the preliminary brochure, register, and learn about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.


1) FAA Seeks Contractor for NextGen Data Communications Network

Link to article in Aviation International News:


2) Interoperable Identification and Access Control Cards are in the Works

Link to article in Airport Improvement:



3) Los Angeles Motorists Outraged at Paying ‘Voluntary’ Red-Light Camera Tickets

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


4) Tim Eyman Challenges Monroe, Washington’s Camera Information Campaign

Link to article in The Daily Herald:


5) A Video-Based Commercial-Vehicle Route-Tracking System

Link to article in the Oklahoma Transportation Center Newsletter:

http://www.oktc.org/otc/OkTC%20Summer%202011%20Newsletter%20Final.pdf (page 13)


6) Hotel-TV Media Provider Uses Cloud-Hosted Weather and Flight Apps

Link to article on Tnooz:


Link to news release from LodgeNet:


7) CTS Report – July 2011

–  ‘CrashHelp’ to Improve Emergency Medical Response for Rural Crashes


 –  Research Explores Benefits of Distance-Based Fees for Trucking


–  Cyclopath and Cycloplan: Collaborative Bicycle Planning and Routing


8) ITS International – May/June 2011

Link to magazine:



9) Interview with The Hands Free Company

Firm specializes in fleet communications.

Link to interview on TMCnet:



10) Corner Brook, Newfoundland Transit System Takes on High-Tech Trial

Link to article in The Western Star:



11) Traffic Cameras Being Installed in Luanda, Angola to Manage Traffic

Link to article on AngolaPress:


12) Regional 511 Could Help Riders Amid Patchwork of Agencies in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Link to Greater Greater Washington blog:


13) Effective and Efficient Deployment of Dynamic Message Signs to Display Travel Time Information

Link to report from the University of Florida Transportation Research Center:


14) Greater Yellowstone Regional Traveler and Weather Information System US Highway 89 Project

Link to report from the Western Transportation Institute:


15) California and Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems Phase 3: Final Report

Link to report from the Western Transportation Institute:



16) Can Technology Prevent the Death of Children Left Behind in Cars?

Link to article in The New York Times:


News Releases

1) Vehicular Communications a Life or Death Matter According to Leading IEEE Journal

2) Garmin Completes Acquisition of Navigon

3) First Amendment Protects Access to New York City Transit Violation Hearings

4) United Airlines Offers One-Touch Access with New App

5) e-miXer In-Time: the New Android Mobile Application for Multimodal Transport and Traffic Information in European Cities

Job Postings

–  Director of Electronic Toll Collection – MTA Bridges and Tunnels – New York, New York


Upcoming Events

Talking Freight Seminar: Urban Goods Movement – Techniques to Improve Decision-Making and Freight Operations – August 17


Today in Transportation History    

1946 **65th anniversary** Aloha Airlines began service as Trans-Pacific Airlines.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 at 7:53 pm

Monday, July 25, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Palm Beach International Airport Noise Monitors Called Costly, Useless

Link to article in The Palm Beach Post:


2) Inside Air-Traffic Control at Experimental Aircraft Association Event

Link to story and video on WLUK-TV:


3) San Francisco International Airport Spokesman Ron Wilson Dies

Link to article in the San Francisco Chronicle:



4) Red-Light Cameras Aren’t the Bonanza Florida Cities Expected

Link to article in The Miami Herald:


5) Cops Versus Cameras

Link to commentary on Darien Patch:



6) Google Street View Cars Grabbed Locations of Phones, PCs

Link to article on CNET News:



7) Cost of E-ZPass Device to Drop by Half

Link to article in The Baltimore Sun:


Link to article on TOLLROADSnews:



8) Safer Voyage for Ships with Singapore’s New Control Center

Link to article in The Straits Times:



9) Inrix Aims to Drive Its Traffic Data Into a Billion-Dollar Business

Link to article in The Seattle Times:


Link to news release from Inrix:



10) China’s Efforts to Muzzle News of Train Crash Sparks Outcry

Link to Reuters article:


Link to news release from the Ministry of Railways:

http://www.china-mor.gov.cn/xwzx/jrtt/201107/t20110725_24977.html (in Chinese)

Link to further information on China Digital Times:


11) Complaints in Malta About Lack of Information on Planned Street Work

Link to article in The Malta Independent on Sunday:



12) Can I-66 Get Smart? That Depends on Drivers as Virginia Aims to Boost Traffic Technology

Link to article in The Washington Post:


13) New Technology Could Save Lives, Money at Rural Intersections

Link to story and video on KSTP-TV:



14) Circuits, Radar Aim to Separate Norfolk Light Rail and Autos

Link to article in The Virginian-Pilot:


15) Cellphone Use Crashes Up in South Africa

Link to article in the Daily News:


16) Plan to Install 300 CCTV Cameras in Ahmedabad

Bus stops, railway stations, airports among locations where cameras will be located.

Link to Press Trust of India article:


17) Transportation Worker Identification Credentials Have Supporters, Detractors

Link to article in Houma Today:


18) Carmakers’ Drive to Keep Eyes on the Road

Link to article in the Financial Times:



19) Pittsburgh-Area Transit Agency Starting ‘Smartcard’ Fare System

Link to article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:


20) Commuters Asking for Answers After Heat-Related Havoc on Metro-North

Some complain about poor communications.

Link to article in The News-Times:


 21) Brampton, Ontario Prepares to Züm Zoom

Bus rapid transit service uses signal prioritization and provides real-time information at stops and online.

Link to article in the Toronto Star:


22) Buses on Indore, India Bus Rapid Transit Route to Offer Dream Journey

Link to article on dailybhaskar.com:


23) University of Massachusetts, Connecticut Bus Company Offer ‘First-Ever’ Transit Certificate Program

Link to AP article:



24) Florida 511 System Calls Decline, Website Visits Rise

Link to article and video in the Sun-Sentinel:


25) Indonesia to Implement Smart Transportation System

Link to article in the Jakarta Globe:


26) Florida Spends $5.6 Million on Signs, Warning of Problems on Two Bridges

Link to story on WINK-TV:


27) Inrix Driving Next-Gen Traffic, Cloud Delivery Platforms

Link to blog from Strategy Analytics:


28) Reduced Congestion, Safer Pedestrians in New York City Thanks to FHWA and ‘Midtown in Motion’

Link to blog from US DOT:



29) Nevada DOT Begins Field Test of Car-Tracking Technology for Potential New Tax

Link to Nevada News Bureau article:


30) Complexity Stalls Ford’s High-Tech Drive

Link to article in the Financial Times:


(free registration required)

News Releases

1) Navteq Traffic Launches RDS Real-Time Traffic Services Across Russia via Autoradio

2) China Domestic Automotive OEMs Target Telematics Market

3) US DOT Secretary LaHood Meets with American Society of Travel Agents Corporate Advisory Council

4) Discrete Wireless Becomes NexTraq

5) Harman Wins Ferrari 2011 Innovation Award

6) Three Embry-Riddle Student Teams Sweep FAA Runway Safety Design Challenge

7) BP Launches Commute Better Campaign in Columbus, Ohio

8) Iteris Advances Its Traffic Management Strategy with Vehicle Sensors Divestiture

9) Summer 2011 Issue of the South Bay Expressway’s The Sun

Upcoming Events

Webinar: The Integrated Truck Program – August 25


Today in Transportation History  


1956 **55th anniversary** The SS Andrea Doria collided with the MS Stockholm off Nantucket Island.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011 at 5:54 pm

 Thursday, July 21, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Budget Cuts Could Delay NextGen Development

Link to article in The Press of Atlantic City:


2) FAA Brings in Simulation Control Tower to Las Vegas

Link to story and video on KVVU-TV:


3) FAA Team Figuring Out How Unmanned Drones Can Coexist with Commercial Aircraft

Link to article in The Press of Atlantic City:


4) New FAA Website Targets Midair Collisions

Link to article on AVweb:


Link to See and Avoid: http://www.seeandavoid.org/


5) Florida Makes $63 Million Selling Drivers’ Info

Link to story and video on WPLG-TV:



6) Changes Signal Death of Old Technology

UK’s Network Rail moving to centralize signaling system.

Link to article in the Financial Times:



7) MnPASS Lanes, Traffic Cams Back and Running in Minnesota

Link to story on KMSP-TV:



8) New Facial Recognition Scanners to be Introduced at Heathrow Airport

Link to article in The Guardian:


9) US Fed Up with Driver Texting

Link to article on The Street:


10) Boeing Gets Deal for Security Surveillance on Delaware River

Link to story and video in the Daily Times:


Link to news release from Boeing:


11) Robotic Jet Ski to Patrol Harbors

Link to article on Discovery News:



12) 500 Bus Data Signs to be Installed in Dublin

Link to article in The Irish Times:


13) Heat Knocks Out New York City Subway Countdown Clocks

Link to story and video on NY1:


14) Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners Through Open Transit Data

Link to further information from the Location-Aware Information Systems Laboratory at the University of South Florida:


Link to OpenTripPlanner: http://opentripplanner.usf.edu/


15) Georgia DOT Employee Accused of Accepting Bribes

Link to story and video on WGCL-TV:


Link to report from the Georgia Office of the Inspector General:


16) Apps Let You See Montreal’s Roads Before You Get There

Link to article in The Gazette:



17) Toyota’s New Pre-Crash Technology Directs Steering

Link to AP article:


18) Interview with Alexis Charbonnel, Automotive Business Development Manager, Arkamys

Link to interview from Frost & Sullivan:


News Releases

1) US Airways First US Domestic Airline to Offer Natural Language Understanding Interactive Voice Response System

2) Trimble to Acquire PeopleNet to Expand Its Presence in Growing Transportation and Logistics Market

3) TransCore Teams with Industry Leaders to Win Two ITS New York Project of the Year Awards

4) ALK Technologies Wins ‘Outstanding Project of the Year in Freight Management’ Award from ITS New York

Job Postings

–  Proposal Coordinator – Nelson/Nygaard – San Francisco, California


–  Field Supervisor – Omnitrans – San Bernardino, California


Upcoming Events

AASHTO Standing Committee on Rail Transportation Annual Meeting – September 11-14 – Charlotte, North Carolina


Today in Transportation History  


1911 **100th anniversary** The New York City Board of Estimate awarded the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company a contract to build 87 new miles of subway lines.


1961 **50th anniversary** Mercury Redstone 4, also known as Liberty Bell 7, with Gus Grissom aboard was launched.


2011 The US Space Shuttle program came to an end with the landing of Atlantis.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 at 11:27 pm

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057

Register Today for IBTTA’s 79th Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Making the Difference ― September 11-14, 2011 in Berlin, Germany

Join IBTTA in Berlin for what promises to be the year’s largest gathering of toll industry professionals. With presentations from more than 90 industry experts, representing 25 countries around the world, the IBTTA Annual Meeting offers a unique learning and business opportunity!  An outstanding technical program with tracks on interoperability, tolling infrastructure around the world, communications, and environment/social responsibility – make your plans today!  Visit www.IBTTA.org/BERLIN to view the preliminary brochure, register, and learn about sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.


1) US-India to Cooperate on Flight Navigation Systems

Link to Indo-Asian News Service article:


Link to news release from the India Ministry of Civil Aviation:


2) Atlantic City International Achieves Virtual Expansion with Technology Upgrades

Link to article in Airport Improvement:


3) Austin-Bergstrom International Teams with American Airlines and TSA in Self-Tag Pilot

Link to article in Airport Improvement:


4) Sensis Aims to Improve Traffic Around Airport Gates

Link to article in the Central New York Business Journal:



5) Microsoft Bing Taps Gigwalk’s iPhone ‘Mobile Workforce’

People get paid to take photos of items such as streets signs for navigation companies.

Link to blog in The Seattle Times:



6) Pay-by-Phone Parking Still Imperfect in DC

Link to story on WTOP Radio:



7) No Tickets for Texting and Walking in Philadelphia

Link to story on WPVI-TV:



8) Los Angeles International Airport Blames Technical Failures for Ongoing Security Woes

Link to story on KNBC-TV:


9) South Australia Police Goes Online

Link to article in Blueprint:

http://www.police.sa.gov.au/public/download.jsp?id=56866 (page 2)

10) The Role of Libraries and Librarians in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

Link to transcript of EMForum.org presentation:



11) Pushing Buttons: Trying the OnStar Aftermarket Mirror

Link to article in Consumer Reports:



12) New South Wales Public Transport Wi-Fi in New Agency’s Hands

Link to article on iTnews.com.au:


13) Utah Transit Authority Hopes to Improve Rider Communication with New Signs

Link to article in the Deseret News:


14) MBTA’s YouTube Video Enlightens Commuters on the Ins and Outs of Quiet Cars

Link to article in The Boston Globe:


Link to video: http://youtu.be/u2pV8-TeEk4

15) Public Participation Strategies for Transit

Link to report from the Transportation Research Board:



16) Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Unveils Online Traffic Navigator System

Link to article on Newsbytes Philippines:


Link to news release from the MMDA:


Link to Metro Manila Traffic Navigator:


17) The Carmageddon Effect

Is the real story here about good transportation planning?

Link to article on Planetizen:


18) Summary of Responses to November 2010 Request for Information on Real-Time System Management Information Program

Link to notice in the Federal Register:


19) Integrate Traffic Data with IBM Intelligent Transportation Using a Traffic Data Gateway

Link to further information from IBM:


20) Ford Sees All-Digital Car Audio Future

Link to article on just-auto:


21) Ford Proves the Blind Can Drive a Stick

Link to article in Wired:


22) Study Shows Automatic Braking Reduces Rear-End Crashes

Link to article in USA Today:


Link to news release from the Highway Loss Data Institute:


News Releases

1) General Motors to Launch First Real-World Smart Grid Pilot with OnStar and Chevy Volt

2) Washington State DOT’s Innovative Management on I-5 Wins Award

3) AAA and the League of American Bicyclists Gear Up to Promote Safety: Not Child’s Play Any More

4) Kansas DOT’s Websites and Phone Services to be Unavailable to Public Wednesday and This Weekend

5) Navteq Expands Latin America Map Coverage to Include Uruguay

6) American Airlines Publishing Wins Multiple Magnum Opus Awards

7) China Automotive OEMs Face Telematics Challenges

8) New European Commission Tachograph Rules Will Save Companies More than €500 Million per Year

9) South Australia Police News Launch Mobile Web App

10) Bahrain Works Ministry Prepares National Plan for Traffic Safety

Upcoming Events

Podcar City: Stockholm – September 6-8 – Stockholm


Today in Transportation History  


1911 **100th anniversary** Tolls were removed from the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queensboro and Williamsburg bridges in New York City.


1961 **50th anniversary** TWA introduced the first regular in-flight movies.  The first film shown was By Love Possessed.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011 at 10:11 pm

Monday, July 18, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) Washington State Will Soon Have Eyes on I-5 Blind Spot

Link to article in The Daily Herald:



2) Delta IV Lifts GPS Satellite Into Orbit

Link to article and video in Florida Today:


3) Google Maps Dumps Driving Times with Traffic Estimates

Link to article in PC Magazine:


4) Public Electric Vehicle Charge Stations Coming to Car GPS

Link to CNET News article:



5) Washington State Litter Hotline Falls Victim to Budget Cuts

Link to story and audio on KUOW Radio:



6) Carmageddon: A Word that Got Attention, and Creator Gets His Due

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


7) Carmageddon II: Officials Likely to Use Same Fear-Factor Approach

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


8) India Turns to Comic Books to Teach Road Safety

Link to AFP article:



9) The Evolution of Traffic Signal System Software – What’s Next

Link to blog on Terranautix:



10) DC Metro Launches Aggressive Social Media Effort

Link to article in The Washington Post:


11) Wi-Fi on Public Transport May Appease Commuters

Australian survey shows most public transport users willing to pay more for premium services.

Link to article on The Courier Pigeon:


Link to further information from the Tourism and Transport Forum:


12) Cool Official Response in New Zealand to Free Wi-Fi for Trains

Link to article on Stuff.co.nz:



13) New York City Traffic System Aims to Keep ‘Midtown in Motion’

Link to story and video on NY1:


Link to news release from the NYC Mayor’s Office:


14) Nepal Government Okays Traffic FM Radio Station

Link to article in Republica:


15) TomTom’s Real-Time Traffic Claims Questioned in South Africa

Link to article on MyBroadband:


Link to further information from the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa:


16) A Lot of Technology Goes Into Traffic Monitoring

Link to article in The Daily Herald:



17) How Intelligent Cars Will Make Driving Easier and Greener

Link to article in Popular Science:


News Releases

1) Comments on Crash Data Guidelines Sought

Upcoming Events

Talking Freight Webinar – 2011 TIGER Discretionary Grants – July 27


Today in Transportation History  


1966 **45th anniversary** Gemini 10 was launched.


2001 **10th anniversary** A CSX freight train derailed and caught fire in a tunnel under downtown Baltimore.



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Bernie’s Transportation Communications Newsletter (TCN) – July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Friday, July 15, 2011 – ISSN 1529-1057


1) San Antonio, Texas Boasts Latest Training Technology for Air Traffic Controllers

Link to story and video on KENS-TV:


2) Air Canada Fined for No French

One instance cited where passenger requested 7Up in French but was served a Sprite.

Link to article and video in the Ottawa Sun:


3) Singapore Airlines Sorry for Aggravation on New Website

Link to article on Tnooz:



4) Engineering, Aerial Mapping Firm Woolpert Acquires Water-Mapping Company, Geomatics Data Solutions

Link to article in the Dayton Daily News:



5) New South Wales Government Announces One Body for Roads, Rail, Freight and Ferries

Link to article in the Macarthur Chronicle:



6) EMI by the Dashboard Light

Electromagnetic interference more of an issue as telematics increases in vehicles.

Link to article in Microwave Journal:

http://www.mwjournal.com/article.asp?HH_ID=AR_11086 (free registration required for full article)


7) California Lawmakers Push for Electronic Ads on Santa Monica Buses

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:


8) Wi-Fi Service Now Available on Bay Area Light Rail System

Link to article in the San Jose Mercury Star:


Link to news release from the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority:


9) Ottawa’s OC Transpo Slams Private Twitters Tweeting Bus Updates

Link to CBC News story:


10) University Traveler Value of Potential Real-Time Transit Information

Link to article in the Journal of Public Transportation:



11) No Car-tastrophe in ’84

As Los Angeles prepares for Carmageddon this weekend, a look at what happened during the 1984 Olympics when massive traffic jams were predicted.

Link to video on KCET-TV:


12) Traffic and How to Avoid Future Carmageddons

Link to commentary on Fox Business:


News Releases

1) US DOT Proposes Rule to Require Airlines to Report More Data on Fees, Baggage and Mishandled Wheelchairs

2) Sensys Networks Launches TrafficDOT 2.0

3) ITS United Kingdom Launches ITS on Your Doorstep Series of Events

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Statewide Opportunities for Integrating Operations, Safety and Multimodal Planning – August 2


Friday Bonus


If you’ve seen Star Wars these devices probably look familiar.  Except these were created by GE in the 1960s.


Today in Transportation History  


1741 **270th anniversary** Aleksei Chirikov, a Russian explorer, became the first European to reach the Alaska coast.



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