Job alert! Transport Planning Manager – ITDP Africa @ Nairobi, Kenya

February 6, 2017 at 2:48 pm

ITDP is seeking a transport manager with a strong commitment to equity and sustainability and passion to improve urban life in African cities. S/he will provide in depth technical support for project planning, project implementation, policy guidance, and capacity building in multiple fields including street design, public transport, shared mobility, parking management and strategic mobility planning. S/he will also develop technical reports, policy drafts, guidelines and training modules.

English: Stacked ITDP Logo

English: Stacked ITDP Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ideal candidate has a demonstrated ability to work creatively with a diverse team. The position will also involve engaging effectively with a range of stakeholders—civic officials, politicians, civil society agents, media, and others—to help build support for sustainable and equitable urban transport. S/he will have a chance to hone his/her technical knowledge and writing skills as well as management skills while gaining exposure to the fields of sustainable transport, city planning, urban design and municipal governance.

The position is based in Nairobi. The candidate may need to travel to other project cities when required. S/he will report to the Africa Program Director and will work closely with ITDP’s Nairobi team, head office staff and international experts.

Key qualifications

  • A master’s degree in transportation planning, transportation engineering, city planning or other relevant field, with at least 5-7 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Prior experience in transportation planning, including survey design and management, demand analysis, network planning, fare systems, and infrastructure design.
  • Experience producing pre-feasibility reports and detailed project reports for transport projects.
  • Experience in drafting terms of reference for public transport operations, IT systems and other relevant areas.
  • Ability to develop effective infographics and prepare high quality presentations.
  • Excellent skills in use of spreadsheets, statistical and database tools and GIS.
  • Working knowledge of transport modeling software.
  • Familiarity with the Adobe suite preferred.
  • Excellent English writing skills.

Key attributes

  • Strong commitment to advancing ITDP’s mission and to environmental and social justice.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills. You should enjoy working with numbers!
  • Demonstrated ability to manage people and projects to successful project outcomes.
  • Strong communication skills, including preparing effective graphics and making powerful presentations.
  • Ability to communicate complex transport issues through concise, compelling messages.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and projects with flexibility, work well under pressure and keep to deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain high standards while contributing pragmatic ideas.
  • Availability to travel frequently.

How to apply

Interested applicants can apply by sending the following information to

  • Resume.
  • Samples of written work: thesis abstract, technical reports, etc.
  • Samples of visual representations such as GIS maps or infographics.
  • A one-page note on improving the bus system in your city (with three specific interventions).

We are unable to consider applications without the above details. The position will remain open until filled.

Job(s) Alert – Program Manager & Program Coordinator for Environment – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) @ Washington, DC

June 7, 2015 at 10:33 pm


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is currently hiring a Program Manager for Environment & a Program Coordinator for Environment.

Program Coordinator for Environment – NATURE OF THE POSITION:

Reporting to the Program Director for Environment, the Program Coordinator for Environment supports a wide breadth of AASHTO’s environmental programs, projects, and special assignments related to the Center for Environmental Excellence (Center), the Standing Committee on Environment (SCOE), and the Resilient and Sustainable Transportation Systems (RSTS) Steering Committee and Technical Assistance Program.  This position is housed in the Policy and Management Division of AASHTO.

The incumbent coordinates the environmental research program, including maintaining the Transportation and Environmental Research Ideas database, soliciting research ideas for the database, facilitating the SCOE process for rating ideas, developing research statements, and submitting research statements to the appropriate research programs.  The incumbent also maintains the Center and SCOE websites including managing two website consultants. The incumbent ensures regular monitoring of the Center website usage, content updates, and periodic enhancements to the SCOE and Center websites.

Additionally, the incumbent serves as staff liaison to the SCOE Subcommittee on Community and Cultural Concerns. As the SCOE frequently develops comment letters on proposed federal actions related to transportation and the environment, the Program Coordinator assists in coordinating with the member state departments of transportation (state DOTs) to discuss proposed federal actions and electronically submits AASHTO’s comments on the actions.

Under the supervision of the Program Director, the incumbent is responsible for contract negotiation and management, and oversight in performing some of the aforementioned tasks. The incumbent regularly coordinates activities in the environment area of AASHTO through skillful and timely research, analysis, and utilization of a variety of technology and communication platforms. Such duties may include assisting in planning and implementing national conferences, training workshops, webcasts, webinars, and meetings with state DOTs and resource agencies; and receiving and answering inquiries from members and the public about environmental programs.  In addition, the incumbent performs a wide range of technical and administrative support tasks including but not limited to drafting correspondence, conducting surveys and tabulating results, coordinating meeting and teleconferences, filing expense reports, organizing committee mailings, processing invoice requests, and tracking billing against budgeting for accuracy.


Candidate must possess excellent written and oral communication, research, and analysis skills, and the ability to establish work program priorities and carry them out independently. Incumbent must be sensitive to the needs of multiple members and customers and have a general understanding of federal and state environmental policies, regulations, procedures and practices as they relate to transportation. Incumbent must be highly skilled in the use of computers, and proficient in word processing software packages with experience in graphics, spreadsheets, and the operation of conventional business equipment. It is desired that the incumbent be familiar with the fundamentals of project management and budgeting, including consultant selection and oversight, drafting requests for proposals, and negotiating and overseeing consultant scope of work and budgets.

A minimum of two to three years of previous transportation and/or environment program and policy support experience is required. A Bachelor of Arts or Science degree is required, preferably in an environment or transportation related field. Evidence of a higher degree of professional development, such as a postgraduate education, is desirable.


Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to by Monday, June 15. Relocation costs are not reimbursable. For more information, visit

AASHTO is also currently hiring a Program Manager for Environment.

Took this awesome pic of i-10 and i-45 right a...

Awesome pic of i-10 and i-45 right at the northern edge of downtown Houston. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Under the leadership of the Program Director for Environment, the Program Manager for Environment serves as the staff liaison to the AASHTO Resilient and Sustainable Transportation Systems (RSTS) Steering Committee and manages the RSTS Technical Assistance Program (TAP). The Program Manager also serves as the staff liaison to the Standing Committee on Environment’s (SCOE) Air Quality, Climate Change, and Energy Subcommittee (AQ Subcommittee) and the SCOE Natural Resources Subcommittee. Additionally, the Program Manager oversees and directs various activities under the Center for Environmental Excellence (the Center) by AASHTO. Duties are performed with input from the Program Director and oversight groups consisting of state transportation agency representatives.

As liaison to the above committees, the Program Manager’s primary duty is to ensure AASHTO members are cognizant of key technical, legislative and regulatory issues related to climate change, extreme weather, air quality, stormwater, wetlands, endangered species, and other related environmental topics. In addition the incumbent ensures AASHTO members’ awareness of the linkage between general environmental topics and transportation. The Program Manager monitors the legislative, regulatory and technical activities of appropriate Congressional committees, federal agencies and other public interest groups and associations, and provides this information to members to assist them in policy deliberation and development.

In managing the RSTS Technical Assistance Program, the Program Manager is responsible for the development of long-term program and project objectives and strategies; program and project planning and budgeting; contract preparation, negotiation and administration; marketing of RSTS services and products; coordination of activities, programs and projects with governmental agencies, trade associations and public interest groups.

As staff liaison to the SCOE Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy and the SCOE Natural Resources Subcommittees, the Program Manager provides management support to the subcommittees. In this capacity, the Program Manager attends meetings and provides policy and procedural advice; advises on meeting agendas; disseminates informational materials to committee members, provides other assistance as required; and serves as liaison between the subcommittees and SCOE.

As a task manager for the Center, the Program Manager supports the Program Director in developing the annual work plan; long-term environmental program objectives and strategies; environmental program and project planning and budgeting; contract preparation, negotiation and administration; marketing of the Center’s services and products; and coordination of activities, programs and projects with governmental agencies, trade associations and public interest groups. The Program Manager oversees the development of training materials, webinars, websites, workshops, and national conferences that provide AASHTO members opportunities to engage in critical environmental discussions.

The Program Manager represents and promotes AASHTO’s environmental goals and policy positions in meetings, task forces and workshops; prepares and delivers presentations; and performs other functions as needed.


A broad understanding of federal and state environmental policies, regulations, procedures and practices as they relate to transportation; and sound comprehension of the administrative, legislative and regulatory process at the federal and state levels is required.  The incumbent must have an understanding of state transportation responsibilities, planning and project delivery practices and policy issues. Project planning, budgeting and management skills, experience with contracts administration and financial reporting, and excellent written and oral communication skills are required. The incumbent must be able to travel approximately 30 days per year.

The successful candidate must have a minimum of four to six years of progressively responsible, professional experience in the transportation sector; with a focus on environmental issues or in the environmental field with a focus on transportation issues.  Prior experience in project management is desired.   A bachelor’s of arts or science degree is required, preferably in an environment or transportation related field.  Evidence of a higher degree of professional development, such as a postgraduate education, is desirable.


Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to by Monday, June 15. Relocation costs are not reimbursable. For more information, visit

AASHTO is an equal opportunity employer.


Selling public transportation to the American audience – An American version of this should have aired durng Superbowl

February 4, 2015 at 1:33 pm

Who knew the bike loving Danes are bent on promoting public transportation? This funny commercial from Danish public transit company Midttrafik shows what we haven’t done in the United States – showing our car-crazy nation that riding public transportation is cool and a “better choice” than driving a car.  Maybe airing such a funny promotional material for transit during Superbowl can end up being a national embarrassment, given the poor state of our public transportation infrastructure/service delivery across the land.

And here is the original commercial (from 2012):

Chart of the Day: Miles Driven vs. Fatality Rates – Does driving cause traffic fatalities?

December 26, 2014 at 11:09 am

via @UrbanData on Twitter

The following tweet will take you to the source article.

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Job Alert: Program Analyst – USDOT Federal Transit Administration (FTA) @ Washington, DC

December 18, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Image Courtesy:


This position is located in the Office of Program Management, Office of Transit Programs. The office is responsible for administering capital and operating financial assistance programs nationally in support of public transportation systems and other specialized transportation services. This office also oversees technical assistance activities in support of human service transportation. The selectee will be responsible for assisting in the development, implementation, and management of these transportation and technical assistance programs. The programs may include formula and discretionary programs to support urban and rural transportation services as well as targeted human services transportation initiatives.

Under supervision of the Chief, Division of Rural and Targeted Programs or the Chief, Division of Urbanized Area Programs, the selectee participates in the planning, development and implementation of policies, procedures, and technical processes for ongoing program development, implementation and monitoring.

The Ideal Candidate will have excellent communication skills and have the ability to provide specialized technical assistance to grantees, program managers, and senior staff to resolve problems and to ensure successful delivery of Federal funded programs. 


As a Program Analyst, you will:

  • Work with FTA headquarters and regional staff on issues and tasks related to development and implementation of formula and discretionary grant programs and related program policies. These include program guidance, program apportionment, budget and obligation activity; monitoring of grant activity and project eligibility for various FTA programs; coordination of labor and grant development issues; program support and technical assistance to the regional offices and transit stakeholders, including the riding public; and development of strategic initiatives. The work may also involve evaluating changes to legislation, identifying program needs or issues, and recommending new guidance or policies to address changes in legislation or program issues. The work includes resolution of issues involving grantees, regional offices, State or local authorities and/or headquarters personnel.
  • Assist in development and provision of program guidance to FTA staff and grantees on grant programs such as Urbanized Area Formula Program, the Rural Area Formula program, targeted Human Services Transportation Formula Programs, and other discretionary or formula programs as needed. Track and coordinate information resources for assigned programs and develop or oversee the development of useful materials. Assist in outreach activities and both external and internal relationship development and networking associated with delegated programs.
  • Assist in identifying and developing outreach opportunities to share program information and foster collaboration between stakeholders; this may also include directing the activities of relevant technical assistance centers that support FTA’s grant programs.
  • Oversee, prepare reports, tables, and summaries on results of delegated programs, and prepare briefing material and information about the formula and/or discretionary programs for use by the Division Chief, Office Director, Deputy Associate and Associate Administrators for Program Management in making program and budget presentations and decisions. Provide grant information to headquarters program and regional offices. Is a member of committees that work to ensure effective management and oversight of FTA grant activities.
  • Assure assigned programs comply with pertinent legislation, regulations, and objectives and that program implementation are compatible with DOT and FTA’s environmental, social, economic goals and needs. Participate on discretionary program evaluation panels and help develop strategies and tactics for effective program evaluation and analysis activities for assigned programs.
  • Assure that delegated program information and guidance is adequately shared across an effective communication network of internal and external FTA stakeholders. Facilitate communications especially in providing technical assistance and assisting regions with delegated programs. Prepare, review and edit a variety of correspondence, memoranda, speeches, briefs, presentations, newsletters and other types of communication materials. Oversee and assess materials developed in support of the delegated programs and ensure effective review and approvals from other Department of Transportation officials as required. Present at conferences, support and may lead webinars, conference calls and other activities in support of assigned programs. Is cognizant of and communicates how DOT and FTA’s mission is enabled by assigned programs. May be assigned Congressional, General Accountability Office, Freedom of Information Act, Contact US and other controlled correspondence and important information requests.

Click the URL links below to learn more and to apply:

The best book to NOT read when riding public transportation is…

December 16, 2014 at 4:06 pm

Subtlety is not his game, I guess. Poor chap gets caught reading this book on the subway, while sitting next to a lady. It makes you wonder what was his “success rate” meeting women on subways after he finished reading this book. Guys like this are one reason why you can’t help but fall in love with public transportation, right? I bet you can never catch someone reading this in a car.

step 1: hide that book

A photo posted by Loni (@lonidee) on

Job Alert: Planner – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Office of Planning) @ Washington, DC

December 10, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Metro’s Office of Planning is hiring a planner for its Regional Planning branch. The job description and information on how to apply can be found on the WMATA Careers page and the job code is 141283. The job will be open until 11:59pm on 12/24/14.

About the position:

The open position is within the Regional Planning (REGP) program area in Metro’s Office of Planning. The REGP program area focuses on developing and executing the Authority’s long-range regional transit system plan and advocating for Metro’s short and long-term infrastructure and operational needs at local, regional, and state levels, with an emphasis on ensuring integration of Metro’s plans across all the ongoing planning activities in the region. Planners in this position manage long-range planning projects, prepare technical reports/presentations, represent Metro at project stakeholder meetings, and analyze/recommend regional transit policy.  The successful candidate will possess extensive capabilities in regional planning, possess strong communications skills, and be able to represent Metro across the region. The applicant will be particularly skilled at translating highly technical information into written documents, graphics, and presentations that are easily digested by a wide range of audiences. Knowledge in the areas of regional transportation planning and forecasting, the metropolitan planning process, transit funding options and considerations, and project evaluation and alternatives analysis is strongly preferred.

Job Alert: Transportation Demand Management  Program Field Coordinator – Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS)

July 29, 2014 at 7:10 pm
Position Description
Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) is seeking an energetic, self-starter to join our team as a full-time (40 hours) contractor at our Arlington County, Virginia (Courthouse Metro) office as part of a dynamic and innovative Transportation Demand Management program for Arlington County Commuter Services, whose mission is to make it easy for people to use transportation options such as public transportation, biking, walking and sharing-the-ride. The candidate will be directly employed by The Destination Sales & Marketing Group, Ltd., that has provided contract employees to ACCS since 1998.The candidate will join the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) for Site Plan Development Team within ACCS and be responsible for supporting the TDM Planner in outreach and enforcement efforts with the development community. A significant portion of the work will be in the field each day working with members of the public and being a “face” of Arlington County.

The candidate will be responsible for the following duties:
• Annual on-site visits with building managers to understand and support the implementation of their Transportation Demand Management Plans (TDM plans)
• Inspection of buildings for TDM Plan infrastructure requirements
• Active coordination with Arlington Transportation Partners staff to ensure each building manager gets the technical and educational assistance they need for their TDM program to be successful
• Bookkeeping, including use of QuickBooks for invoicing and processing receivables
• General support of the transportation performance monitoring process for site plan and special use permit developments

Tasks necessary to meet responsibilities:
• Maintaining and updating tracking systems and databases
• Researching information on-line
• Drafting and editing documents
• Managing both electronic and hard copy filing systems
• Phone and in-person technical assistance

Necessary qualifications:
• Individual initiative; self-starter
• Outgoing
• Detail-oriented
• Team player
• Organized, efficient and able to multitask
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills for diverse contexts, audiences
• Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

Desirable qualifications:
• Administrative support experience
• Local government experience
• Customer service experience
• Familiarity/competence with QuickBooks
• Interest in sustainable development and transportation
• Looking for long-term employment

About Arlington County Commuter Services and TDM
Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) is the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) agency of Arlington County, Virginia. Transportation Demand Management for Site Plan Development is an ACCS program that coordinates the design and implementation of large building projects with commuter and transit infrastructure and services to enhance the mobility of residents, workers, and visitors. Consistent with the vision and mission of ACCS, TDM for Site Plans works directly with developers and property managers to mitigate the transportation impacts of residential and commercial development by increasing the availability, awareness, and use of transit, ridesharing, carsharing, biking, bikesharing, and walking.

Excellent benefits, generous leave, 401K plan, flextime, transit benefits
Salary negotiable based on experience between $42-45K
E-mail resume and cover letter in PDF format
Use “Program Field Coordinator -0811” as the subject line.

Closing Date: Monday August 11, 2014

EMBARQ Presentation: Parking and Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) Webinar

July 12, 2014 at 3:18 pm

The slide deck from EMBARQ’s recent webinar on parking & transit oriented development (TOD).

If you have not already doing it, highly recommend following EMBARQ’s slideshare channel. You can regularly see such informative material made available.


Job Alert: Executive Director – Kansas City Streetcar Authority

April 4, 2014 at 7:21 pm

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority (KCSA), a nonprofit corporation established in 2012, is seeking its first Executive Director who will be charged with overseeing the operations and maintenance of the entire system through a third-party operator, and ensuring stakeholder and neighborhood involvement.

When becomes operational in late 2015, the two-mile north-south streetcar route (approximately 4 miles round trip) will operate on City streets and efforts are currently underway to study opportunities and gain support for future expansion projects.

Without question, this position represents a tremendous opportunity for a dynamic leader to have a significant impact in a city focused on downtown revitalization. Given that Kansas City Streetcar initiatives are in their development stages, it will be necessary for the Executive Director to demonstrate flexibility, maturity and an ability to “scale” within a dynamic, expanding entity.

We are seeking candidates who possess:

·         At least five years of demonstrated experience in an externally focused leadership position is required.

·         A solid base of experience in administrative skills, project management, budget oversight and contract/vendor management is necessary.

·         Given complexities associated with federal funding, candidates with previous experience resulting in positive relationships with the FTA will be viewed favorably.

While ideal candidates will have experience in public transit (e.g., streetcars/light rail, urban transit, bus systems, heavy rail), individuals with applicable skills in government/stakeholder relations, urban redevelopment, urban planning and/or community outreach are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information or make a referral, please contact Nancy Huckaba at 913.234.1570 or

(via YPTransportation)

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