I wish more big cities followed the City of Auburn, New York parking enforcement policy

July 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm

Fellow redditor yakshamash posted this note earlier explaining the situation: “I was going through a town in NY and decided I needed food, I parked and went into a diner, 15 minutes later I look out the window and notice that there was a meter near my car, I run out and feed it, but I was too late. The dreaded slip of paper was under my winsheild. I grabed it to see what the damage was, and was surprised to find this”

What I appreciate the most here is that the City of Auburn lives by its motto – Focused on being The Best Small City in State of New York State.   Now, why don’t the big cities like Washington, DC follow this business-friendly model of parking enforcement instead of their current money-hungry anti-business parking policies which does nothing but increase the anxiety of the customer..

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